Maybe it has never been easy for you to stick to your diet. I too, have always had a tendency to be a little on the thicker side, so to speak, and I have spent a lifetime trying to fight off fat any way possible, including all the latest fad diets you can think of!

However, when I think back and reflect on my half-assed attempts to drop the pounds for good, I realize although I have been very successful at times, I have always come up short when I don’t pay particular attention to the next three reasons why I have failed at losing weight:

  1. Failure to fully commit to losing weight. Oh, I’ll be the first one to say, “Of course, I have tried but my body has not responded like the average person. I was destined to be a little on the heavier side due to genetics.” The truth is; I have never entirely committed myself to sticking to diet for more than a month at a time! What to do about it: Tell yourself you can do it and finally acknowledge the truth. That is, if you can stick to your diet for  at least two months, you will at last, make more progress than you ever have. Remind yourself how being committed means MAKING NO EXCUSES and NO EXCEPTIONS.
  2. Not having an actual plan. You know the old saying about how failing to plan guarantees failure. It’s absolutely true! Without clear-cut information on how you are going to accomplish your daily diet goals you don’t have a chance in the world in sticking with your diet. What you can do: Even if you have to write your daily goals on a paper notepad, then so be it! Make an overall plan on the first page (e.g.,  the exact foods to eat, the amount of calories to be consumed, daily exercise, etc.), and break it down into a day-by-day plan as you go. Get into the routine of formulating a weekly or daily plan if you truly want to stick to your diet.
  3. Sticking to your diet becomes much easier if you have a well-formulated plan.Rewarding myself but overdoing it, for a job well done.  So, you have been able to stick with your diet this week and you have magically shed two pounds. Then, your friend calls you and says the party is at her house tonight and there will be chicken, ribs, and all the beer you can drink! One of the easiest ways to sabotage all of your weight loss efforts is to substantiate how you have earned the honors of going out and having a good time without worrying about caloric intake for a day, even if you happen to consume 4,500 calories within a six hour span! What to do about it: You have two choices; either politely refuse going to the party and stay at home eating melba toast and three ounces of chicken breast, or go to the party and bring your own diet food and drinks, and still stick to your diet! I prefer the second choice because I would never even think of missing out on all the fun!