Unemployment has shown a dramatic decrease over the last few months. Several industries have risen to the top when it comes to hiring new workers hoping to establish their careers. Access More Career Tools, Advice, and Information. Create a FREE Monster Account Today!

Here are 5 industries hiring now in an aggressive manner:

1. Education
These jobs have always been demand and the biggest reason for this is the low starting pay as well as the general pay scale for elementary, middle, and high school teachers with a four-year degree. While many people are reluctant to go into the field of education at that level, there are still many perks associated with the position such as having summers off as well as holiday pay.

If you can get your Masters or PhD, you may be able to consider being a college professor either in the community college or at the university level.

2. Information Technology

The information technology sector is one that has grown immensely even after the recession. Many firms are hiring college graduates as well as experienced professionals to fulfill the needs from their clients and improve their companies profitability.

3. Financial Services

Working in financial services can be one of the most lucrative jobs you’ll ever find. If you have a degree in business management or in finance this may be a field you want to consider right now.

4. Hospitality

We all need to take a trip oIndustries that are hiring right now include education and IT jobs.r vacation every now and then, don’t we? Jobs in hotels and airlines had seen a steady decline up until the recession but new jobs are emerging every single day as the hospitality industry is becoming alive once again.

5. Retail Industry

If you have a degree in retail management now is the perfect time to get your feet¬† wet with a management opportunity in the retail sector. Even in the face of the recession, the retail business has still seen continuous growth over the last few years. Entry-level jobs are always plentiful in this field but to get hired, you’ll have to show up with your “A” game because there is a lot of competition in most markets.