Lack of productivity at work causes tons of revenue losses in the United States every year for small businesses and large corporations and through a little education and foresight, you may be able to drastically improve your company’s outlook in this area.

The two biggest causes of lack of employee productivity are health issues and workplace satisfaction. Many workers who experience health problems cannot perform their tasks as expected and people who are unhappy at work are more prone to not putting forth the necessary effort or going the extra mile to get the job done.

Here are 5 ways to increase productivity at work and it stands to benefit employees as well as employers:

  1. Be organized and prioritize your tasks. Most employees have an idea of what they need to do to accomplish their day’s work efficiently and oftentimes, they have developed a routine that is safely stored in their heads. Even so, you can work on being even more efficient so you can free up more time for other tasks or emergencies when they arise. It’s a great idea to construct and have an agenda for each day and stick to it as much as possible without being afraid to be flexible. It’s a proven fact that people who write down tasks are able to complete them much more efficiently than those who just ‘wing it’.
  2. Don’t perform too many tasks at once. Multitasking is sometimes a necessary part of the workday but if you are continually leaving tasks¬† half-done, going on to another task and leaving that one half-done, then bouncing to the next, your focus on each one will not be maximized and your efficiency will greatly suffer in the long run.
  3. Stop procrastination. If you want to tempA happy workplace is far more likely to be a productive workplace.orarily skip and come back quickly to a certain task so that you can pour yourself a nice cup of hot coffee or cocoa in the break room, that’s one thing. If you find you are continually putting things off because you don’t feel like dealing with them, that’s another story. An easy way to get rid of this habit is to make a list of things to do, set realistic goals, prioritize them, and start by getting the hardest tasks done one by one.
  4. Encourage a happier workplace. Nobody likes to work in an environment where they have to walk on eggshells because management has allowed a stiff, humorless, and contentious atmosphere to dominate their workplace. How much productivity is a company going to get out of an employee who’s fearful, unhappy, and highly afraid to make a mistake. Work should be enjoyable if you want to get the maximum effort from all! Your job should be your home away from home and if it isn’t, you need to make a change, ASAP!
  5. Work on bettering your health. Experts say obesity in the U.S. causes a loss of over 73 billion dollars in revenue over the course of the year. On a smaller scale, think of how much more work you would be able to accomplish if you didn’t have to worry about your high blood pressure, that painful bunion on your right foot, your acid indigestion that mimics a heart problem, etc.