Last night while trying to fill up my car with gas at a local Chevron,  my Citibank credit card wouldn’t work and it forced me to go inside the store and pre-pay with cash. Much to my horror, a tall man dressed in a company uniform with his last name and the word “supervisor” emblazoned below it was arguing with a familiar female cashier for a reason that was not yet apparent.

The argument was one-sided with the man “letting her have it.” The root of the disagreement quickly came into focus as the cashier, while maintaining her composure even through her watery eyes, calmly informed the patron he had no reason to be so rude and belittle her.  As he tried to interject and offer a weak excuse of an angry explanation as to why he flung one credit card after another at her when the previous one didn’t work, she quickly drove a point across like a dagger to the heart of a monster. She said, “You sir, are abusive and you obviously have no manners. I am a single mother and I don’t wake up every morning, cook breakfast for my three kids and drive them to school so I can come here and take abuse from someone like you who was obviously left on the floor a little too long many years ago when you crying hysterically while you were still in your diapers.  Imagine how sad my kids would feel if they saw you treating the person they admire most the way you are right now. You should be ashamed of yourself.”

At this point I looked at the guy behind me and we simultaneously raised our eyebrows in shock while silently saying,”Yes!”  and agreeing how well the cashier was handling this belligerent fool who was now embarrassingly backing down like a scolded Yorkshire Terrier with its head down and tail between its legs. I was laughing so hard inside at this jerk that my insides were about to explode. He made one more feeble attempt to save face by saying there were many other gas stations and he would never come back.

It gets funnier. When he walked out he approached the lady holding the gas pump (probably his wife) attached to his  vehicle and told her they had to leave because the cashier had treated him rudely and they had to go somewhere else to pump gas. “But I’ll be late for work, what happened?” she asked. He told her to get in the car and she refused. Now there was a full-blown argument brewing at the gas pump! After a few more unintelligible words they realized they were drawing a crowd and they scurried away.

I asked the cashier if she was alright and althouFemale Chevron cashier handled an irate customer she was shaken, she said she was fine. She said the man became angry because none of his credit cards worked and he began throwing them at her one after another while saying with a nasty attitude how she couldn’t get things right and she was probably doing something wrong. I told her my credit card wasn’t working either so, more than likely, your system is down and it’s not your fault.

I offered to write her a letter of commendation for the way she amazingly handled this person who called himself a supervisor and she politely refused, saying she didn’t want to call attention to herself over nothing.

I feel so sorry for this man’s subordinates at his place of business. I wonder what they have to go through. After witnessing the tail end of his needless tirade, I doubt seriously he was just having a bad day. As far as the cashier, good for her!