I asked my husband just the other day if he thought real life mermaids existed and he responded with a sly grin on his face while saying, “If they do exist, I sure want one as my pet!” I promptly elbowed him in the ribs.

Many little girls have fantasized about what it would be like to be mermaid but for one 32 year old former 9 to 5 worker in Los Angeles, it has actually become her reality! I would never have believed it if I had not seen it with my own two eyes. You can see it here!

In 2005, Linden Wolbert left her 9-to-5 desk job to work as a full-time professional mermaid. She now runs her own company, Mermaids In Motion, where she offers her services as a mermaid for hire. For a fee, you can rent her services for parties, films, fundraisers, print ads, commercials, receptions, photo shoots, children’s events, special events, and for television.

Wolbert says becoming a real life mermaid was purely by chance. Since she was three years old she had been an avid swimmer with dreams of filming underwater sea life a la Jacques Cousteau as well as dreaming about kicking her feet together like a mermaid.

She had been a competitive swimmer virtually all of her life until she studied film and science at Emerson College. Although the school didn’t have a swim team, she continued staying close to the water and learning new skills, particularly as a scuba diver.

It sure must be an unbelievable feelinMermaids are real if you ask Linden Wolbert.g to be able to make a living something as unique as this. If I had the money, I would definitely try her service out for my 12 year old daughter’s birthday party coming up as long as I could keep my husband a good 50 feet away (he’s too mischievous to be around the mermaid), LOL.