There is no fine line between being completely dedicated to your job as opposed to showing unhealthy signs of being truly addicted to work. Whether we want to admit it or not, many of us haven’t been able to distinguish one from the other. The following is a guide to putting dedication vs. addiction to work into perspective for you.

Dedication in the workplace, regardless of whether you work at a place of business or at home, can occur in many forms. For example:

  1. You may have a project or multiple projects that need to be completed before a deadline several times a year and working towards completing them is absolutely essential to your success.
  2. You are passionate about your work and completely committed to making the business a success. You will do everything necessary to accomplish this.
  3. You care about your company’s success and see your job as more than a means of earning a paycheck.
  4. You don’t unnecessarily take days off just because you have available sick days and you certainly don’t make it a habit to show up to work tardy.

These are some examples of showing dedication at work. It’s rewarding and fulfilling to show loyalty and provide excellent job performance for your employer or for your own company in order to make the company successful.

Signs and Symptoms of Addiction to Work

However, here’s where dedication can turn into a full-fledged work If you are addicted to work, it may be time to reconsider what's most important to you in life.addiction:

  1. Ask yourself how you feel after putting in a hard day’s work. If you are constantly feeling exhausted and your tiredness is consistently overshadowing your feelings of pride and accomplishment, this may be your first sign of being addicted to work.
  2. Is your life fairly balanced? For example, are you able to make time for and stay in shape through exercise? Are you able to maintain healthy relationships with your loved ones by spending time with them? If the answers are “no” to any of these two questions, you may be in danger of being addicted to work.
  3. Do you like your time off away from work? Do you look forward to savoring your successes at work by doing the things you love? Do you take the time to enjoy your hobbies? If you don’t, you may want to reassess your situation and make some adjustments.
  4. Do you constantly bring your work home with you? A person who can’t separate their work lives from their home lives rarely achieve a fulfilling life. Their existence is consumed with closing the next deal or making more money while sacrificing their personal lives.

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