Anybody can scour the Internet and get some great tips on attracting men but why not go with tried and true techniques I am about to…ahem….lay down for you right now!

I have always had a way with men since my college days. No, I wasn’t promiscuous but I was, I admit, a serious flirt who would stop at nothing to get a guy’s attention. And get their attention I did! I took quite a few lumps along the way and perfected my mating call through trial and error to the point where I should have already written a best-selling book on the subject already! Well, maybe it’s not too late for that but regardless, I am about to share with you what I probably won’t share with my daughter when she grows up for fear that she’ll become too dangerous with her man-attracting-powers! Anyway, here goes…..

Attracting a man is not complicated at all, Men are going to focus on three things when they walk into a room, and they are:

  1. They will scan the room and start rating all the females through physical characteristics alone. Yes, I’m sorry ladies, even though this sounds a little shallow don’t be too hard on them because it has to do with their primal instincts in action. Men are wired to take part in continuing to procreate; they are masters at it and this is a huge part of the reason why humans have not become extinct! They know what they like and it starts with how a woman looks to them.
  2. They will look for an invitation from your body language or verbally, then they will make their move. When you want to attract a man it starts with your eyes. There will be times when he makes the first move and he will be able to tell if you are interested by your verbal cues.
  3. Once they engage in conversation, they will instantly start assessing how intelligent you come across to them. Most men prefer a woman who is sure of herself and they will know within two minutes if they want the encounter to go any further.

Now that you know what men are looking for, hAttracting men can me much easier if you simplify your technique.ere’s how you can put your newfound skills to good use and start attracting men right away:

  • Remember when I said they will scan the room? You have to put extra effort in your personal appearance with your God-given looks. Make sure you have a nice manicure and if you are wearing open-toed shoes, a sexy pedicure. Most men love legs and feet. They are instantly judging whether you are clean or not by looking at your fingernails and toenails.

They are also looking at your outfit and smelling your perfume or body lotion or spray. Is your outfit far too revealing where it makes you look a little cheap? Do you have too much makeup to the point where you look like a porcelain doll? These are obvious things you want to avoid. Simplify your presentation by dressing in trendy but not too revealing clothes, go light on the makeup unless you are clubbing (you can be more daring), and make sure you smell sexy. You’ll attract men far more consistently with this approach.

  • Remember when I said men usually look for an invitation by studying your body language? I have found If you look at a guy who interests you for 2 seconds in one-minute intervals three times in a row, you will leave him shuddering with excitement if he likes your appearance. If your look is accompanied by a smile on the third try, you can bet he’s coming over to introduce himself if he’s available and the mating dance in on! You’ll have him slobbering all over himself before long and you will have him right where you want him.
  • When he starts talking to you, avoid the words ‘um’ and ‘like’ as in, “Yeah, um I’m like, really excited about my new puppy Chester. He’s like, such a cute canine and I um, can’t get enough of him.”

This is where you close the deal and take your encounter as far as you want to go. Remember, guys know women hold the key to fulfilling their wishes and if you come across as being intelligent and find him intelligent and worth your time, you will have one solid foot in the door of making a connection.

Be careful not to appear as if you are desperate or you may spook and scare him away. Men don’t like to hook up with women who are needy. Dont talk about past relationships until a few dates have come and gone and go out of your way to intentionally be mysterious; men love this! Make certain that you don’t get too drunk and lose self-control and don’t feel as if you have to laugh at every joke; take control of the conversation by being self-assertive without being overbearing and show him that you love your lifestyle.

Of course, you will find your own ways to attract men along the way if you haven’t already. I hope these tips will help you add something to your repertoire. Now, get to work and watch how this works like a charm!