When most men think about attracting women, they see it as a huge challenge because they immediately focus and rely on their personal looks without considering other major factors. Men also tend to become a little narrow-minded when it comes to believing a woman is solely attracted to great looks and money.

If you subscribe to this way of thinking, I have news for you; the vast majority of women are not that shallow. Of course, there are exceptions to the rule. However, if you think you need to walk around with a wad of hundred dollars bills in your pockets and drive a Ferrari, you’re missing out on more opportunities than you could ever know what to do with!

If you walk through a busy and popular nightlife area in your hometown, you will at some point, without a doubt, see an extremely homely or average looking guy with a knockout attached to his arm. You’ll say to yourself, “How in the world does a guy like this get a chick like that?” Then, you can joke all you want to. You could surmise the man is well-hung or has something else going for him that is beyond your present imagination.

Actually, you’re right when you say he has something you don’t have. He has “the right information.” he knows about ways to attract women, and more than likely, he has used this information to his advantage over and over again while guys like you and I sit on the sidelines offering guys like him bottles of water to quench his manly thirst.

If you want to get rid of the “water boy bucket” and become a star on the playing field, here are some tips on attracting women any man can use to his advantage:

  1. Pay close attention to your grooming and hygiAttracting women is not complicated at all once you know what they are looking for.ene. When you walk up to a woman, the first thing she’s noticing of course, is your smile and your body. Do you smell clean? Do you have a pleasing body smell or is she getting the impression you smell feminine like her mother on a good day? The next thing she’ll do is look at your hands and focus on your fingernails. Are you a nail biter? You had better have a perfect body if your fingernails are down to the nub! If you have sandals, she’ll look down at your feet and make a determination right away as to whether she can ever picture herself frolicking in the pool or on the beach with you. If you have can openers for toenails, make sure you keep them trimmed or your plumb out of luck!
  2. You have to exude confidence without appearing arrogant. Chicks do not dig guys who are far too into themselves. They generally prefer guys who have an air of confidence about them and those who can laugh at themselves. They love men who appear fun and humble and a man whose body language boldly states, “If you are with me, you will enjoy life more than ever and you will have nothing to fear, ever.”
  3. Make eye contact and connect with a smile. When men enter a room, they begin scanning and within a minute, they have already picked out the girls who interest them. Once you have chosen the woman whom you will attempt to captivate with your charm, start by making eye contact and subtly smiling in 3 minute intervals for 2-3 seconds at a time once her eyes meet yours. If she’s not interested, she won’t look back a second time. If she is interested, walk up to her with your suave, personable self and simply say, “Hi, I’m Biff, and I want to be your stud muffin!” C’mon, I’m just kidding; say this awesome, time-tested line; “Hi. I’m so and so. I have to tell you I’m here talking to you because you caught my eye and I had to come and say hello.” Bam! What an icebreaker! Works like a charm, almost every time!

See how easy that was! The rest is up to you. In the next installment, I’ll teach you how to continue the conversation and reel her in as if she were a giant, 125 pound Tarpon so you can possibly someday call her the fillet of your soul!

………………..bar room background noise.

Jonathan: Dude, get away from her, I saw her first.

Dude: What are you talking about, you were writing some how to attract beautiful women mumbo jumbo on that napkin and I saw you typing on your iPhone and hitting the send button. You snooze, you lose and pay your dues!

Jonathan: But I need to tell her a fishing story I heard about recently!

Camera fades away…………………