If there’s one phase in my life that made me question my money-saving skills, it’s got to be college. Good education doesn’t come for free nor it is in anyway cheap. I had to use my wits in order to survive in that place and pay my bills at the same time! You might be on this very boat right now and so, I have decided to share four easy to apply pointers on how to save those precious dollars when you’re still studying.

The following are four tips that I personally applied when I was still college in order to financially survive. Use them well and you might be able to get that diploma of yours without starving yourself to death or sinking your way into loan-oblivion.

Get Employed

College is the perfect place to test your independence! Get a taste of whats it likes to be in the work force by looking for a job or two that you could squeeze in AFTER your class (trust me on this one because some employers love abusing their student employees to the point that the latter comes in class late). Just remember not to let work interfere with your studies. Otherwise it’s going to be counterproductive to your overall goal.

Keep in mind to find an employment that can utilize your talents as a student. For example, some people are looking for subject tutors while others are in need of best essay writing services. Do this and you get to earn some much needed cash while practicing what they teach you in school. It’s basically hitting two birds with one stone when you think about it.

Use Your Money Only on Things That Matter

Find common sense ways to avoid being broke in college.One of my biggest gripes with college is that it revels on social statuses and the stuff that symbolizes one’s position in the hierarchy of “life”. In turn, students try to keep up with the trends, buy branded clothes and support overpriced coffee just to fit in. Here’s the thing and you better memorize it to the best of your abilities, following the footsteps of those hypocrites will only do you more harm than good! Don’t cave in! Instead, use your money where it truly counts.

Invest on things that really matter. For starters, books never go out of style and you can even trade them with other bookworms. Also, good food doesn’t necessarily come with a heavy price tag. Use your street smarts and find shops that offer discounts on daily necessities.

Party Moderately

Booze, music and the company of beautiful people can really devoid you of self-reason and that’s the moment when you “magically” lose cash. It’s not bad to party every now and then but always remain yourself that everything must come in moderation. Don’t let your emotions get the best of your. Use your common sense and decline invitations, especially if you’re lacking in the financial department.

There’s nothing wrong with saying no to events that will get you into trouble. Weigh things first and think about the consequences of your decisions. Are you willing to endure a month of suffering just to enjoy a night of partying?

Know Your Way Around Town

Cab fares can really put a hole in your pocket. If you can, seek alternative modes of transportation. Subway ridess will surely save you a lot of dollars. Just keep in mind that your patience will be tested when rush hour kicks in and so, you’d best plan your day ahead.

Furthermore, try to walk whenever you can. Aside from being a great way to save what little money you have, it can also serve as your everyday exercise.

Saving money while you’re in college is easier said than done. However, it is very doable with these tips and the right amount of determination and patience. Do you also have some money-saving tips of your own regarding this topic? Feel free to share them on the comment section below.