Being able to manage your time encompasses everything from simply being on time to a family get-together to getting to work on time to running a household efficiently so that everything gets done. Time management is extremely important in the workforce; employees who can’t manage their time are literally costing companies millions of dollars a year.

If you are someone who recognizes you need help in this area, then you can be your own time management planner and be far more productive than ever in every phase of your life.

The first basic principle in managing your time is to make a deliberate plan. For example, if you have two children who attend elementary school and you know you’re going to have to prepare breakfast in the morning, pack their bags for lunch, and send them off to school, why not plan on waking up a little bit early every day so you can start getting all of these details and items ready?

Some people find a time management chart to be an invaluable tool. You can buy one or make your own. With this, you can easily chart out your plan as well as your progress and make any adjustments if necessary. Having a chart like this also helps you complete the tasks on a daily basis with ease.

If you’re having difficulty figuring out your weekly time management plan, break it down day by day. For example, you may like to clean a certain bathroom on a Monday as well as remembering to put the trash out and you may like cleaning a larger bathroom upstairs once every two weeks. If you don’t write down these tasks on a time management training chart, you are bound to forget to perform one of the tasks eventually. Your time management chart and plan does not have to be rigid to the point where you absolutely have to get everything done perfectly. Be flexible enough to give yourself leeway on those days where you are tired and try to fit in a missed chore or responsibility the following day.

When it comes to preparing meals You can be your own time management  planner with a little bit of forethought.for yourself or your family, you may want to consider taking a few shortcuts here and there. Nobody ever said every single meal has to be made from scratch. There are many cookbooks that can help you make a meal in minutes; the use of crock pots has been gaining a lot of attention over the last few years because you simply insert the ingredients, turn it on and go, and when you come back you have a perfectly wonderful meal waiting for you.

An organized person tends to be much less stressed than a person who doesn’t know which way to turn and just “wings” it, so it’s a wise move to try your best to improve this part of your life. It’s so important to be organized enough to get plenty of rest every day and by staying focused, you will be able to come close to the targeted amount of sleep (average of 8-9 hrs.) no matter how busy you are during the day.