If you want to decrease your chances of getting cancer, you may want to enjoy the benefits of a daily multivitamin with that whole grains breakfast in the morning.

A report published online last week by the Journal of the American Medical Association found that benefits of taking multivitamins daily for men resulted in an 8% reduction in their chances of getting cancer as opposed to others who took a placebo. This comes after several studies throughout the years which showed no association at all between taking a daily multivitamin and reducing the risk of cancer.

How Do the Benefits of a Daily Multivitamin Reduce Cancer?

During this research, approximately 7000 middle-aged and older men took a multivitamin while the other 7000 men took merely a placebo. The study lasted 11 years and in the end, the subjects who took multivitamins had a very modest 8% reduction in incidences of cancer. However, even those taking multivitamins were still at the same risk of prostate cancer and there was no difference in the risk of dying from cancer between both groups.

The ones who benefited most in the study were men over 70 years of age, men whose parents had no cancer history, and in men who had no history at all of cancer. These men all had a 27% lower risk of getting cancer if they participated in the benefits of taking multivitamins daily.

Even though the study suggests the low dosage of the nutrients in multivitamins is what is important to prevent cancer, there was no specific vitamin singled out that would help prevent this disease.

If you are a male, what does this mean for you? First, keep in mind the study was conducted for men over 50. So, if you’re younger than that or if you are a woman, there are no known benefits at this time in regards to cancer. However, if you are a male 50 and older, the study itself is enough to consider the benefits of a daily multivitamin.

For others, there’s no reason why you should not start reaping the benefits of taking multivitamins daily since the vast majority of us will never get enough vitamins and minerals from the food to eat on a daily basis, anyway. By taking them you can help prevent any vitamin deficiencies, increase your energy, and fight daily stress.

There are other things you can do to help minimize your chances of getting cancer. These include maintaining a healthy weight, being more active, not eating as much red meat, and limiting your alcohol intake.

Those males over 50 who are carrying too much fat around their midsections are risking a esophageal cancer, pancreatic, and kidney cancer among others. This is due to the hormones produced in the fat cells along with proteins that can promote cell growth, which leads to cancer.

The risk of getting colorectal cancer is increased if you’re eating far too much red meat, especially the processed kind. As far as alcohol, if you could limit yourself to two drinks a day on average, you should have no worries. The benefits of taking multivitamins daily are especially important if you drink ore than two alcoholic beverages a day.