How to Get Hired Quickly at an Hourly Job

How to Get Hired Quickly at an Hourly Job

Hourly jobs may seem easy to find but with the advent of online shopping and the ever-shrinking job market, you have to be prepared if you want to know how to get hired quickly.

So, maybe you’re a college student looking for a part-time job. Maybe you are a housewife looking to supplement your household income. Perhaps you are a senior trying to add to your bottom line in retirement or someone who’s simply trying to find a job fast.

Whatever the case may be, you have to prepare yourself with the right mindset and information in order to get an hourly job in your area.

How to Get Hired Quickly and Easily

how-to-get-hired-quicklyThe best way to approach getting hired for a full-time or part-time hourly job is to make a weekly plan. Here, you can list 2 to 3 jobs in your area that you want to apply to, every single week.

For example, maybe you want to work as a greeter at Walmart. At the same time, maybe you have your eyes set on a cashier position at Target . And perhaps another cashier position or sales associate job at your local Walgreens.

On a sheet of paper or in a text file on your computer, you can write down Walmart-greeter. Just below it, you can follow suit with placing target-cashier. And of course just below it, you can place Walgreens-cashier.

Next, you need to make a plan on how you’re going to approach each of these companies. The best way to start applying for these jobs is to visit the stores in person. Once there, you can introduce yourself to whomever is working at the store and you can inquire about speaking with anyone in management in order to ask questions.

You don’t really have to identify yourself as being a job applicant. That’s because it’s possible that the person will say you need to apply online or submit an application at the kiosk within the store.

It’s important at this point to make contact with someone who is in a supervisory position at the store.

Now, it’s easy to say, “Well, I tried to look for a manager but I wasn’t able to find one.” You need to absolutely make contact even if it means making 2 or 3 trips to the store.

The whole idea is to set yourself apart from the average applicant and you can’t do that by just submitting an application online. Believe me, with so many applicants trying to get the same job as you, it’s highly likely you will get lost in the shuffle.

Once you make contact with the supervisor, let that person know that you’re interested in the position in their store. Let the person also know that you will be applying either online or through a printable application.

As a matter of fact, ask the person what the preferred method is to apply at their particular store. You’d be surprised how many Walmarts would rather have someone apply in person using a printable application.

Additionally, let the supervisor know that you will be following up within the next couple of weeks on the status of your application.

Every time you perform any type of action at any store in regards to your attempts to get hired, write down the notes next to your entries on your sheet of paper or text file. For example, if you applied online at Walmart today, you would write or type:

Walmart-greeter   (Applied online on (date)

After that, keep jotting down whatever action you took. If you met with a manager, write that down. The point is to be somewhat organized and keep track of all your applications.

Find a Job Fast With this Trick

If you feel a little daring, you can use the following tactic to create a sense of urgency for that person who is guiding you through the hiring process:

  • Let the person know that their store is your first choice for employment
  • Tell him or her that you will follow up
  • Once you follow up in person, if they delay themselves getting back to you, tell them that you need to know if they are interested. Be honest and sincere; tell them they are your first choice but that you have to explore other possibilities if they are not interested.

That last tactic sometimes ends up being a home run. However, use caution with it because sometimes you may run into somebody who can’t understand that you need to find employment and they may be turned off by your attitude and sense of urgency.

When you are applying for an hourly job, dress in comfortable clothing. Make sure your shirt or blouse and pants or skirt or properly ironed and that you don’t have any holes in your shoes! It’s really as simple as that. Just look neat and you shouldn’t have a problem.

Repeat the above mentioned steps with every job you have your eyes set on, every week. Remember, 2 to 3 jobs at a time.

If you apply to three jobs a week for a month that’s obviously 12 job applications. Your chances of getting hired right away rise, dramatically!

You see, most people just fiddle around with one job at a time. They will apply at just one store and be on their hook for the next month. They’ll wait at home for the phone call that never arrives. You, on the other hand, are going to take a more aggressive and common sense approach. You will increase your odds of getting called back because you will apply, follow up, and apply again.

I’ve known quite a few people who submit job applications in this manner. These are the types of people who wait around for a whole year and say they can’t get a job because they’ve applied everywhere. That’s not true.

All they did was apply to six different stores through the course of one year. Now how in the world are you going to get hired quickly like that?

Be aggressive and really go after the position you want. Don’t let anything or anyone stand in the way of learning how to get hired quickly. The more you practice the above steps, the more you become proficient at getting hired.

Walmart Online Application – The Best Way to Apply at Walmart

Walmart Online Application – The Best Way to Apply at Walmart

With over 10,000 retail stores and more than 2 million dedicated employees, filling out a Walmart online application gives you a chance to join one of the powerhouses of retail in the world. Over 50 years ago when this company was founded in Arkansas and who would have known how humongous and well respected this company would become. Known very well as a superstore, this retail chain has made its mark in the United States and abroad in a huge way. With a Walmart online job application, you definitely have a chance to join with the greatest companies in the world and you may be able to set yourself up for a bright future.

The most common and best way to get hired at Walmart is to fill out an online application. You can also fill out a printable Walmart job application and you can use this link to access it here.

If you have your eye on a position within this company, you may want to consider one in their logistics division, inside the store, or Sam’s club. If you’re looking for a corporate position you’re going to find them in New York, Utah, Las Vegas, Miami, Dallas, Philadelphia, Bentonville, Canada, and a few other cities.

Walmart excels at offering work schedules that are very flexible. This is due to many of their stores being open 24 hours a day. Chances are, if you work at this company, you may be able to get the type of shift that fits your lifestyle. You will also have an excellent opportunity to advance within the company. Walmart loves to promote workers from within and bases their decisions oftentimes on performance. This is a company that gets thousands upon thousands of applications filled on a weekly basis. So, it’s a good idea to conduct your own research about the company and to go ahead and fill out a Walmart employment application online or in person.

walmart-online-applicationSam Walton, the founder of Walmart had a distinctive philosophy. He would tell people to save money and live better. This is the cornerstone of the company which allows people who are living with modest means to be able to afford items without having to spend so much money. Walmart offers just about anything you can think of for the home and for personal use. It also offers pet care items, toys, electronics and automotive items. The stores also have full-service pharmacies and many which are called super centers have groceries and delis. With such a wide array of merchandise it’s no wonder there are always so many available positions to be filled at this company.

Sam’s Club is a part of the Walmart family. This store is like Costco in that it offers a club membership which allows you to buy items in bulk, thus saving you tons of money in the process.

Walmart has a team player philosophy. Teamwork is extremely important if you want to find a job in a store at Walmart. It’s not unusual to see a crew meeting of all the in-store employees before the beginning of a shift so that management can bring them up to speed on what’s happening in the store as well as to motivate them so they can have plenty of enthusiasm to better deal with the customers and provide excellent service.

A great way to get hired at Walmart is to visit one of their stores in your area and introduce yourself to management. From there, you can put your best foot forward and try to make a good impression. Let the supervisor you speak to know how interested you are in a position with their company. Then ask him or her for a business card and say that you are going to fill out an application online. Many Walmart stores have a kiosk where you can fill out an online application. If not, then you can do it in the comfort of your own home. Once you have filled out your application, you can check back with your contact at that store in about two weeks. This will ensure that your name and your application go to the top of the pile. As with any employment application, it’s easy to get lost in the shuffle. By making yourself known from the beginning, you have a much better chance to get hired.

Really Good Interview Tips To Get the Job You Want

Really Good Interview Tips To Get the Job You Want

It’s quite a big deal when you are selected for an interview because not all job applicants are allowed to walk through a company’s door to be considered for an open position. However, once you get to this stage of the game you have to be prepared to the max! The job interview is where most candidates fail when they are trying to get hired.

There are quite a few things you can do to prepare for the interview process such as knowing the most common questions and answers as well as other job interview preparation tips.

Here are a few lesser-known but good interview tips you can place in your arsenal to get the job you want:

  1. Know your job interview strengths and weaknesses and make the most of them. For example, you may be a strong communicator but perhaps you may feel as if your education leaves a little to be desired because your grades were average. Be prepared to answer difficult questions such as why your GPA was 2.3 at a local college and redirect that question to your qualifications and success regarding real work experience. The more you concentrate on improving your weaknesses, the more prepared and confident you will be so you should consider bettering yourself as a lifelong commitment.
  2. Never ever talk bad about your previFollowing good interview tips can make a huge difference in whether or not you will get hired.ous employer! If you put down your previous company or supervisor, it shows you may be a problematic worker and you can probably forget about getting hired. It also shows you may be someone who is negative and full of excuses and alibis; this is exactly the type of person nobody wants to hire. Even if you had a bad experience at your previous job through no fault of your own, be positive and say something such as you felt the need for a more challenging work environment instead of how you had to leave because one worker was driving you crazy.
  3. Be very careful about what you post on social media. Most every single company looks at this these days before they hire someone. The last thing they need to see is a great job candidate posting half-naked pictures of last night’s party at Smoky’s Tavern complete with foul language and a Rastafarian with long dreadlocks blowing marijuana smoke in your face while cracking up! Always avoid foul language and sexual innuendo when you are exchanging messages and posts on social media. If you don’t, it can come back and haunt you in a big way.
Who Makes Money on the Internet?

Who Makes Money on the Internet?

Right about now, many people are scratching their heads and wondering, “What is it that some people have that I haven’t got,” because others are making money on the Internet while they continue to struggle to find a way.

I’m going to let the cat out of the bag and explain how I make money on the Internet and how a few select friends do the same. Keep in mind I do not make a full time income online but I definitely make enough money to make a huge difference in my finances.

You may have already read about how the biggest reason the majority of people fail to make any money online is because they are not persistent enough and they give up too soon. This is true but it goes deeper than that. Most of those same people who quit before they can see the fruits of their labor also don’t concentrate on or master one money-making area at a time.

When I started this journey about 5 years ago, I got my hands on just about anything and everything out there that resembled a “guru” Internet money-making guide. After a year, I was left disappointed, angry, and hurt, but I never gave up. You see, all these guides were nothing but rehashed garbage with one sole purpose; to make money for the creator of the guide!

Fast forward to today and I am about to give you an overview of the methods my friends and I use to make money online as well as tips on how to build a substantial full-time or side income.

These are the methods:

1. Through Google Adsense ads. You can creaDo you know who makes money on the Internet?te a website, post articles regularly, and place Google ads so that when visitors come to your site they can find what they are looking for and click on your ads. You get paid anywhere between .20 to 2.00 on average, for every click, depending on the niche. There is an art form when it comes to placement of these ads on your website to get the maximum clicks, so you may want to research this. My best method is to place a 336×280 ad above and beneath each post as well as the main page.

Many experts will read this and disagree, saying you can make money with Cost Per Action (CPA) leads or affiliate marketing (more on those in a second). For this to work well, you need to pick a niche or topic that advertisers are placing ads on in Google and you should whittle it down to a sub-niche. For example, instead of starting an awesome blog on “Getting Rid of Cellulite” you should consider a smaller segment of people and start a blog with a topic such as “Cellulite for Women Over 50”. You can easily write post after post on this topic and use at least 5 different categories for those posts such as; weight loss, cellulite creams, home remedies for cellulite, product reviews for cellulite removal, etc.

The whole idea is to build a website or blog and write posts that offer real value to your visitors. You can even capture emails, open up a Facebook, G+, and Twitter account for the website and truly engage with your audience. You should start with at least 20 articles before your website goes live and you need to post regular articles (at least twice a week) for this to work well. If you can’t write well, you can outsource your articles but it’s going to cost between 5-10 dollars for a decent 500 word article. If you add a Youtube account linked to your website so you can create videos and post them on your website as well, you can have a money-making machine within just one year if you do it right.

If you can write a good quality article almost every day of the week, you will have over 200 articles written by the end of the first year. That’s 200 opportunities on the Web to be found for which equals many visitors to your site. By the end of the following year, your website can really be on fire and attracting tons of visitors.

Make no mistake; people are making thousands of dollars every month using this method. I am making well over a thousand five-hundred bucks a month doing it!

2. Through affiliate marketing. Here, you can either develop a digital product or sell somebody else’s creation. Since true affiliate marketing means you are going to sell another person’s product on your site or through ads, I’ll focus on this one.

You can go to and see how many successful digital products are sold. What you can do is pick a product, build a website on the niche of that product, place the links on your website so people can buy the products, and within a few months you should start seeing progress. It is not an overnight thing! There are so many variables to work with here as far as strategy such as collecting emails and placing ads on Bing instead of building a website.

Feel free to conduct a little more research on this topic; if I were to give you a guide, I would have to write a 50 page book so you could do it right and that is beyond the scope of this article.

I make several hundred dollars a month with this method and so can you! However, it took me three years to master this and start seeing real progress.

3. Through CPA lead marketing. In this area, you also build authority websites (100 pages or more) on specific niches so you can place email optin offers that certain companies are giving out through companies such as or

So, for example, if one offer is a free Walmart gift card and all it requires is for the person to enter their name and email address, you will get about $1.50after they perform the action and confirm their email! This really adds up after a while; if you get 10 of these leads a day, that’s $15.00! You can also place ads on Bing and Facebook and a few others for $5.00 to $10.00 trial offer leads but this is more advanced as you have to track your ads using certain tools and you have to figure out which ones are converting and which ones aren’t. Then you simply drop the non-converting ones and add others while the ones that are converting continue to make money. Without a doubt, there are some people making thousands of dollars every month using this method but keep in mind most of them have to spend $1,000 a day to make $1, 500!

There is not enough real estate on this website to go over these three money-making methods in detail so I encourage you to conduct research on each method for free on the Internet if you are interested.

So, who makes money on the Internet? People who pick one of the above methods and stick with it until they see progress they can build upon, that’s who. Also, people who build their own product and sell it on their own site. In other words, if you can make just $1.00 a day from your Internet business, you can make $5.00, $10.00, then 20 and even 50 bucks a day within a relatively short period of time as long as you scale up your efforts. You simply have to stick with one method until you have mastered it and are making money with it and not quit! Then and only then, should you move onto the next method.

What Are the Most Common Interview Questions and Answers?

What Are the Most Common Interview Questions and Answers?

If you know a little about the most common interview questions and answers before you go through the application process of any company, your confidence level will rise dramatically and you will place yourself in a favorable position during any job interview. Some people go as far as even rehearsing how they will answer specific questions and I have no doubt this can work well as long as you have the ability to act natural while doing so. Still, it’s probably a better idea to simply be well-informed on what the most common interview questions are so you don’t get blindsided with an unexpected question you have no answer for.

Not Every Interview Question Is Actually a Question

Tell us about yourself” and “describe a difficult situation you were able to resolve and explain what you did to resolve it” are two very common subjects an interviewer will expect you to talk about during the interview process. You should never walk into a job interview without having a response to these two suggestions in the back of your mind.

One of the most common interview questions that really is not a question is when you are asked to talk about yourself. Only highlight the positive aspects of your work life (not your personal life) and stay far away from anything negative. The idea is to talk about the your key skills that make you the perfect fit for their company. If  the interviewer asks you a specific question in response to what you say about yourself, always paint that subsequent answer in a positive light. Most interviewers don’t want to hear about how your dog “Puffy” is the only faithful companion you can trust in the world and they certainly don’t want to hear about how you love to party till the wee hours on Friday nights!

When you are told to describe a difficult situation, you need to have a great response that shows your problem-solving skills. Avoid describing how the customer was “out of hand” or “completely out of control” and opt for descriptions like “the customer was displeased” and concentrate on a straightforward explanation that paints you as a patient, composed, dedicated, and talented problem-solver.

Here are 5 of the most common interview questions:

  1. Why do you want to workTake the opportunity to review the most common interview questions and answers so you can exude much more confidence during the interview process. for us? Your answer should be tailored to how well your skills match the company’s philosophy as well as how your talent perfectly matches the position you are seeking. Also, talk about how the job can benefit you as well as how the company is going to benefit from your efforts and talents.
  2. Where do you see yourself in your career, 5 years from now? Whatever your response is to this one, NEVER say you don’t know. You need to be quick to respond to this one in a confident and hopeful manner as you describe how you are perfectly cut out for this job because you want to go from whatever position you are applying for to another one you have researched within the company. You can also explain how you are aware of the specific training offered or not offered by the company and how you plan on completing all the necessary requirements to get you there.
  3. What are your greatest weaknesses? Try your best to be as honest as possible by giving an example of a slight weakness you may have that perhaps a supervisor pointed out and explain how you have improved by (talk about what you have specifically done to improve in that area). You should never mention a negative trait that may completely disqualify you such as, “I have had a problem showing up to work on time” or “I sometimes have trouble working alongside others.”
  4. Why should we hire you? This is an excellent opportunity to highlight your work history and all of your skills and talents as they relate to the job you are  hoping to land. This one should be easy but you need to take the time to research the job opening, and match all of your qualities to that position so you can explain it convincingly.
  5. Was there anything you didn’t like or that you thought was unfair in your last job? If you say “no” to this one, you risk appearing dishonest. Some interviewers throw this question out there to see if a job applicant is lying and many are convinced if a person says nothing negative at all, they are indeed not being truthful. When the interviewer asks this question he or she is trying to see how you handled the situation and they are also looking to see if you are either trying to shift the blame on someone or something or if you took responsibility for your problem.

The most common interview questions vary from company to company, so it’s impossible to forecast which ones they will ask. However, the above-mentioned questions alone can give you a distinct advantage over anyone else who hasn’t bothered to research this subject at all. Finally, be honest during your interview; experienced professionals can spot B.S. from a mile away!

Payless Careers a Great Choice for Extra Household Income

Payless Careers a Great Choice for Extra Household Income

For those folks hoping to get the ball rolling and bring in a few extra dollars home on a biweekly basis, Payless careers fit the bill almost perfectly. Many workers who are currently employed at this chain of family footwear stores which boasts about being the largest and most successful of its kind, agree that working there is extremely pleasant and rewarding.

If you look at some of the reviews regarding being employed at Payless, you will see many workers sounding off about how pleased they are to work in such a nice family environment and how they love the opportunity to help so many different families find the discounted shoes they are looking for while earning a decent paycheck.

Although entry-level workers can only expect to earn near minimum wage salary to start, there is an abundance of opportunities for advancement within the company. They have an excellent in store management training program that can help motivated associates lead their teams to providing excellent service to customers in a relatively short amount of time.

What Kind of Careers are Available?

There are a variety of retail, distribution, and corporate jobs available to choose from and beginning with retail positions, you may want to consider positions such as; part-time or full-time sales associate,  store leader, group leader, assistant district leader, and district leader.

The minimum age to work at this retail chain varies from state to state in the U.S. as well as in other countries but you can use 16 years of age as a general guideline for students wanting to get hired and join their teams.

How to Submit a Payless AppliPayless careers can give anyone wanting a retail job a fresh beginning with a bright future.cation

The application process is very simple and actually very practical as they allow you to watch a video for the different types of careers before allowing you to click a submit button to apply for any particular job type. Once the video is completed, you can decide whether or not the job is for you and you will be taken to a login in order to start the application process. If you have not registered before on their site, you will be prompted to do so before you apply.

There is no paper Payless job application to fill out; everything is handled online as it allows for a more efficient system in tracking and interviewing potential job candidates.

How Long Does it Take to Be Considered for a Job Opening?

Like most other retailers, they will get back to you via telephone within the first two weeks after applying if they are interested. If you don’t receive a call within that time, it’s best to visit the store of your choice and ask to speak with a manager. Once you make contact, be sure to make the best first impression possible and let him or her know the reason for your visit; to check on the status of your application and to meet the supervisory staff.

The best way to get hired at any retail establishment is to visit a store in person before you even apply and if you are hoping to hook up with one of the Payless shoes careers, it’s in your best interest to make contact with and network before applying. if you know anybody who knows someone connected to a one of their workers, you may want to use that contact to get your foot in the door of success. In today’s day and age, more than ever, networking is incredibly important because you are competing with so many different people trying to get hired to the same job you will have applied for.