Who Makes Money on the Internet?

Who Makes Money on the Internet?

Right about now, many people are scratching their heads and wondering, “What is it that some people have that I haven’t got,” because others are making money on the Internet while they continue to struggle to find a way.

I’m going to let the cat out of the bag and explain how I make money on the Internet and how a few select friends do the same. Keep in mind I do not make a full time income online but I definitely make enough money to make a huge difference in my finances.

You may have already read about how the biggest reason the majority of people fail to make any money online is because they are not persistent enough and they give up too soon. This is true but it goes deeper than that. Most of those same people who quit before they can see the fruits of their labor also don’t concentrate on or master one money-making area at a time.

When I started this journey about 5 years ago, I got my hands on just about anything and everything out there that resembled a “guru” Internet money-making guide. After a year, I was left disappointed, angry, and hurt, but I never gave up. You see, all these guides were nothing but rehashed garbage with one sole purpose; to make money for the creator of the guide!

Fast forward to today and I am about to give you an overview of the methods my friends and I use to make money online as well as tips on how to build a substantial full-time or side income.

These are the methods:

1. Through Google Adsense ads. You can creaDo you know who makes money on the Internet?te a website, post articles regularly, and place Google ads so that when visitors come to your site they can find what they are looking for and click on your ads. You get paid anywhere between .20 to 2.00 on average, for every click, depending on the niche. There is an art form when it comes to placement of these ads on your website to get the maximum clicks, so you may want to research this. My best method is to place a 336×280 ad above and beneath each post as well as the main page.

Many experts will read this and disagree, saying you can make money with Cost Per Action (CPA) leads or affiliate marketing (more on those in a second). For this to work well, you need to pick a niche or topic that advertisers are placing ads on in Google and you should whittle it down to a sub-niche. For example, instead of starting an awesome blog on “Getting Rid of Cellulite” you should consider a smaller segment of people and start a blog with a topic such as “Cellulite for Women Over 50”. You can easily write post after post on this topic and use at least 5 different categories for those posts such as; weight loss, cellulite creams, home remedies for cellulite, product reviews for cellulite removal, etc.

The whole idea is to build a website or blog and write posts that offer real value to your visitors. You can even capture emails, open up a Facebook, G+, and Twitter account for the website and truly engage with your audience. You should start with at least 20 articles before your website goes live and you need to post regular articles (at least twice a week) for this to work well. If you can’t write well, you can outsource your articles but it’s going to cost between 5-10 dollars for a decent 500 word article. If you add a Youtube account linked to your website so you can create videos and post them on your website as well, you can have a money-making machine within just one year if you do it right.

If you can write a good quality article almost every day of the week, you will have over 200 articles written by the end of the first year. That’s 200 opportunities on the Web to be found for which equals many visitors to your site. By the end of the following year, your website can really be on fire and attracting tons of visitors.

Make no mistake; people are making thousands of dollars every month using this method. I am making well over a thousand five-hundred bucks a month doing it!

2. Through affiliate marketing. Here, you can either develop a digital product or sell somebody else’s creation. Since true affiliate marketing means you are going to sell another person’s product on your site or through ads, I’ll focus on this one.

You can go to Clickbank.com and see how many successful digital products are sold. What you can do is pick a product, build a website on the niche of that product, place the Clickbank.com links on your website so people can buy the products, and within a few months you should start seeing progress. It is not an overnight thing! There are so many variables to work with here as far as strategy such as collecting emails and placing ads on Bing instead of building a website.

Feel free to conduct a little more research on this topic; if I were to give you a guide, I would have to write a 50 page book so you could do it right and that is beyond the scope of this article.

I make several hundred dollars a month with this method and so can you! However, it took me three years to master this and start seeing real progress.

3. Through CPA lead marketing. In this area, you also build authority websites (100 pages or more) on specific niches so you can place email optin offers that certain companies are giving out through companies such as Maxbounty.com or Peerfly.com.

So, for example, if one offer is a free Walmart gift card and all it requires is for the person to enter their name and email address, you will get about $1.50after they perform the action and confirm their email! This really adds up after a while; if you get 10 of these leads a day, that’s $15.00! You can also place ads on Bing and Facebook and a few others for $5.00 to $10.00 trial offer leads but this is more advanced as you have to track your ads using certain tools and you have to figure out which ones are converting and which ones aren’t. Then you simply drop the non-converting ones and add others while the ones that are converting continue to make money. Without a doubt, there are some people making thousands of dollars every month using this method but keep in mind most of them have to spend $1,000 a day to make $1, 500!

There is not enough real estate on this website to go over these three money-making methods in detail so I encourage you to conduct research on each method for free on the Internet if you are interested.

So, who makes money on the Internet? People who pick one of the above methods and stick with it until they see progress they can build upon, that’s who. Also, people who build their own product and sell it on their own site. In other words, if you can make just $1.00 a day from your Internet business, you can make $5.00, $10.00, then 20 and even 50 bucks a day within a relatively short period of time as long as you scale up your efforts. You simply have to stick with one method until you have mastered it and are making money with it and not quit! Then and only then, should you move onto the next method.

Payless Careers a Great Choice for Extra Household Income

Payless Careers a Great Choice for Extra Household Income

For those folks hoping to get the ball rolling and bring in a few extra dollars home on a biweekly basis, Payless careers fit the bill almost perfectly. Many workers who are currently employed at this chain of family footwear stores which boasts about being the largest and most successful of its kind, agree that working there is extremely pleasant and rewarding.

If you look at some of the reviews regarding being employed at Payless, you will see many workers sounding off about how pleased they are to work in such a nice family environment and how they love the opportunity to help so many different families find the discounted shoes they are looking for while earning a decent paycheck.

Although entry-level workers can only expect to earn near minimum wage salary to start, there is an abundance of opportunities for advancement within the company. They have an excellent in store management training program that can help motivated associates lead their teams to providing excellent service to customers in a relatively short amount of time.

What Kind of Careers are Available?

There are a variety of retail, distribution, and corporate jobs available to choose from and beginning with retail positions, you may want to consider positions such as; part-time or full-time sales associate,  store leader, group leader, assistant district leader, and district leader.

The minimum age to work at this retail chain varies from state to state in the U.S. as well as in other countries but you can use 16 years of age as a general guideline for students wanting to get hired and join their teams.

How to Submit a Payless AppliPayless careers can give anyone wanting a retail job a fresh beginning with a bright future.cation

The application process is very simple and actually very practical as they allow you to watch a video for the different types of careers before allowing you to click a submit button to apply for any particular job type. Once the video is completed, you can decide whether or not the job is for you and you will be taken to a login in order to start the application process. If you have not registered before on their site, you will be prompted to do so before you apply.

There is no paper Payless job application to fill out; everything is handled online as it allows for a more efficient system in tracking and interviewing potential job candidates.

How Long Does it Take to Be Considered for a Job Opening?

Like most other retailers, they will get back to you via telephone within the first two weeks after applying if they are interested. If you don’t receive a call within that time, it’s best to visit the store of your choice and ask to speak with a manager. Once you make contact, be sure to make the best first impression possible and let him or her know the reason for your visit; to check on the status of your application and to meet the supervisory staff.

The best way to get hired at any retail establishment is to visit a store in person before you even apply and if you are hoping to hook up with one of the Payless shoes careers, it’s in your best interest to make contact with and network before applying. if you know anybody who knows someone connected to a one of their workers, you may want to use that contact to get your foot in the door of success. In today’s day and age, more than ever, networking is incredibly important because you are competing with so many different people trying to get hired to the same job you will have applied for.

Let a Home Depot Application Give You a Dose Of Home Improvement

Let a Home Depot Application Give You a Dose Of Home Improvement

A Home Depot application can be the start of an exciting journey in the retail business and a chance to make a nice living, and something often overlooked with this company is the variety of jobs available within the company.

On the surface, when one thinks about applying at this home improvement store chain, he or she is usually thinking of an entry-level or management retail position. However, if you dive a little deeper into the information provided by this company on their main website, you will see a vast array of job openings that will boggle your mind!

Look For Home Depot Jobs

If you are hoping to apply at Home Depot, you should know there are job openings in five different categories to choose from:

Retail Store Jobs

These hourly positions include:

1. Sales Associate – you are the first face the customers see and they go straight to you if they need answers to questions about products. Your job is to help them navigate through the store, to find what they are looking for, and to help them with any type of home improvement they are hoping to complete.

2. Lot Associates – with this position, you will be retrieving shopping carts, helping customers place their purchases inside their vehicles, and you will be responsible for the general cleanliness in the front of the store.

3. Cashier – this one is self-explanatory but realize you may be working the cashier one minute and the next, you may be filling in for a sales associate within the store.

4. Freight Team Member – this position is one behind the scenes where you will be working nights so you can stock merchandise and make the sales floor presentable.

5. Asset Protection – as part of the security team, you will be on the floor as well as monitoring, observing, and reporting illegal activity within the store.

As an hourly worker you are expected to be flexible enough to work different shifts if necessary and this includes weekends, nights, and holidays.

Store Management Positions

These are professional positions requiring strong leadership capabilities:

1. Store Manager – you will be expected to geA Home Depot application can turn into the start of something big for you and your family.nerate revenue for your store, you will effectively manage your employees and resolve issues as necessary, the financials of the store will be directly in your hands, and you will guide your team of assistant managers in completing all necessary tasks for the benefit and success of your particular store.

2. Assistant Manager – here, you must also have strong leadership skills and you should be able to effectively manage those under you. You will be working directly under your store manager and you will be entrusted to assume many of his or her responsibilities.

As managers, you also have to work flexible hours just as associates do.

Supply Chain (Distribution Center Jobs)

These opportunities are some of the most important Home Depot Jobs available. With over 70 distribution centers in North America, chances are you may be able to find a career here that suits your qualifications.

There is plenty of physical work required for many of these positions and you are offered training as well as a chance to exercise and stretch to avoid bodily injuries while working.

Some of the available Home Depot jobs in distribution centers are:

1. Office Associates – with these positions you will play a critical role in resolving any customer issues that arise and you will perform various clerical duties.

2. Warehouse Associates – this is a physical position where you will load and unload products and operate forklifts after receiving the necessary training. You will also be required to lift 75 pounds.

Call Centers

These jobs deal primarily in customer service where you will be able to resolve any customer issues and needs through your problem solving skills learned through training. There are two primary call centers; one in Ogden, Utah and the other in Kennesaw, Georgia. There are other Contact Centers to work at and all you have to do is look on the official website for a center near you.


A Home Depot application in this area will lead you to various professional positions in merchandising such as; merchandising executive area supervisor, merchandising execution associate, merchant product development, senior business analyst, region merchandising manager, and many others.

Corporate Positions

Located in Atalanta, Georgia, the Home Depot corporate offices provide many professional and hourly positions which include marketing and finance as well as social media and product development. There are also a few affiliate companies to work for in this area such as the Home Depot Direct and the Decorators Collection.

Where Can I Find a Home Depot Job Application?

You can visit the Home Depot Careers Site and create a free account before you can look for all the jobs available in your area. The entire application process will take you approximately 30 minutes to an hour and a half, so plan on being there for a while so you can set the wheels in motion to finding a good job.

Once you apply, they usually call you back within two weeks to schedule an interview but if you find it is taking too long you should go and visit the store of your choosing in person and introduce yourself to the management team. Tell them you are following up on your application online and leave them your contact information in case a job opening comes up so they can consider you for the position.

How Difficult is the Interview?

Not difficult at all and the interview will vary from position to position. In other words, they won’t generally ask an entry-level worker the same questions as someone who is applying for certain professional careers.

The more prepared you are for the interview, the better you will do and your chances of getting hired will rise in dramatic fashion. Take a few moments to practice answering common interview questions with the help of a friend.

It’s hard to argue with the fact that a Home Depot career just might be anyone’s chance to improve their home life and finances and it can be the ticket to ultimate success. It’s a proven company with an amazingly successful history that is here to stay.

5 Easy Steps on How to Boost Employee Morale Right Now

5 Easy Steps on How to Boost Employee Morale Right Now

Nobody likes to work for a boss who isn’t personable or even concerned about the welfare of employees. As a boss, it’s easy to come across to employees as being indifferent and not really caring about them at all if there is no communication. When workers don’t feel good about coming to work, it can spell disaster for any company, especially small businesses.

Many business owners haven’t the slightest clue when it comes to knowing how to treat someone who works for them because they don’t have the training, they don’t take the time to sharpen their management skills, or they simply could care less how an employee feels as long they get the job done through intimidation.

For every good owner or boss of a company with a happy and productive workplace, there are 5 others who are struggling to cultivate a better work environment for their staff members without knowing how to approach the task.

Why Is It So Important to Find Ways to Boost Employee Morale?

One disgruntled employee can spread venemous trash about the company like wildfire and start a revolt against the company, sabotaging any efforts to make the company as productive as possible. If you don’t put a lid on someone whose words and attitude spread like cancer, your business will possibly start to suffer and the race will be on to recoup your losses before it gets to the point of no return. In other words, an unhappy and unstable workplace=loss of revenue!

Luckily, improving employee morale really isn’t all that difficult if you simply remember they are people just like you who want respect, recognition, and a company they can be proud to work for.

Here are 5 ways to boost emIf you can improve employee morale your company will be placed in the best position to thrive and be successful.ployee morale and get the derailment back on the tracks:

  1. Do whatever it takes to make employees feel appreciated and respected. There is no need to complicate this. This can come in the form of calling each of your employees to your office or other area individually and explaining to them in a sincere manner how much you appreciate them. While they are there, ask them for feedback about how the company can  improve workplace conditions. Do not confuse this time with an opportunity to talk about an employee’s deficiencies in performance. You have plenty of time for that, later! You may be asking, “What if the employee does not deserve a compliment?” That may be so, but you need to be honest with yourself and  consider the reason for lack of performance. Then, you should still let them know you appreciate them and ask what the company can do to improve job performance and work conditions.
  2. Never call out an employee in front of other workers. This needs to be done behind closed doors in confidence. Although it’s perfectly acceptable to show you mean business by taking charge in a respectful way, workers don’t need to see you flying off the handle when something goes wrong. This will only create animosity and history has shown us that an intimidating atmosphere in the workplace will eventually lead to mutiny!
  3. Conduct an informal weekly meeting as a group. Make sure you include everyone and even though there will undoubtedly be some serious points to talk about, keep the atmosphere light-hearted and fun so employees will feel comfortable bringing forth any issues they need resolved in the best interest of the company.
  4. Interact with your employees. So what? You may be a big shot in your company and that’s fine. However, if you don’t make it a point to talk to the ‘little people” who make the company a success, you are missing out on a grand opportunity to drastically improve employee morale. Go out of your way to make them feel like they are part of your team by talking to them one on one.
  5. Hold company events every now and then. When was the last time you allowed your employees to have a casual Friday and show up to work in jeans? How does a company barbeque sound?  Why not have a yearly appreciation luncheon for everyone in the company? The money you invest in these functions will provide you with some of the company’s biggest returns and it will help solidify the positive work environment you have worked so hard to cultivate!


5 Ways to Increase Productivity at Work

5 Ways to Increase Productivity at Work

Lack of productivity at work causes tons of revenue losses in the United States every year for small businesses and large corporations and through a little education and foresight, you may be able to drastically improve your company’s outlook in this area.

The two biggest causes of lack of employee productivity are health issues and workplace satisfaction. Many workers who experience health problems cannot perform their tasks as expected and people who are unhappy at work are more prone to not putting forth the necessary effort or going the extra mile to get the job done.

Here are 5 ways to increase productivity at work and it stands to benefit employees as well as employers:

  1. Be organized and prioritize your tasks. Most employees have an idea of what they need to do to accomplish their day’s work efficiently and oftentimes, they have developed a routine that is safely stored in their heads. Even so, you can work on being even more efficient so you can free up more time for other tasks or emergencies when they arise. It’s a great idea to construct and have an agenda for each day and stick to it as much as possible without being afraid to be flexible. It’s a proven fact that people who write down tasks are able to complete them much more efficiently than those who just ‘wing it’.
  2. Don’t perform too many tasks at once. Multitasking is sometimes a necessary part of the workday but if you are continually leaving tasks  half-done, going on to another task and leaving that one half-done, then bouncing to the next, your focus on each one will not be maximized and your efficiency will greatly suffer in the long run.
  3. Stop procrastination. If you want to tempA happy workplace is far more likely to be a productive workplace.orarily skip and come back quickly to a certain task so that you can pour yourself a nice cup of hot coffee or cocoa in the break room, that’s one thing. If you find you are continually putting things off because you don’t feel like dealing with them, that’s another story. An easy way to get rid of this habit is to make a list of things to do, set realistic goals, prioritize them, and start by getting the hardest tasks done one by one.
  4. Encourage a happier workplace. Nobody likes to work in an environment where they have to walk on eggshells because management has allowed a stiff, humorless, and contentious atmosphere to dominate their workplace. How much productivity is a company going to get out of an employee who’s fearful, unhappy, and highly afraid to make a mistake. Work should be enjoyable if you want to get the maximum effort from all! Your job should be your home away from home and if it isn’t, you need to make a change, ASAP!
  5. Work on bettering your health. Experts say obesity in the U.S. causes a loss of over 73 billion dollars in revenue over the course of the year. On a smaller scale, think of how much more work you would be able to accomplish if you didn’t have to worry about your high blood pressure, that painful bunion on your right foot, your acid indigestion that mimics a heart problem, etc.
A Starbucks Job Application For the Coffee Artist In You

A Starbucks Job Application For the Coffee Artist In You

What is so special that attracts thousands of people to submit a Starbucks job application every week? You can probably answer this question yourself by merely visiting  your local Starbucks and watching the employees in action.

The company culture is rooted around creating a friendly work environment and providing the greatest customer service possible. They encourage their employees to connect with customers and get to know them when they walk through the doors so they can feel like they’re at home.

If you are thinking of filling out the Starbucks application now or in the near future, now is the time to figure out what direction you want to go in so that you can be as prepared as possible throughout the interview process. As an example, for those of you looking to expand your career opportunities within the company, if you look at the Starbucks career advancement page, you will see how they reward employees who have worked at least a year and have met a few other performance qualifications. The bottom line is this; there’s much more to working at Starbucks than merely being a barista.

One really cool aspect of working with this company is they love diversity and are consistently rated at the top when it comes to the most diverse companies to work for in America. For example, if you are a female with dyed purple hair and an earring coming out of your right nostril they actually encourage individuality and see your appearance as adding to the flavor of customers’ Starbucks experience!

How Do I Submit a Starbucks Application?

You can easily go online, create a free profile, and start the apFill out a Starbucks job application and reap the rewards of being able to advance in an extremely diverse company.plication process. It will take thirty minutes or so to complete but you need to prepare yourself to follow up on your application in person within the first two weeks after you submit it. This is because it is so easy to get lost in the shuffle due to the incredible amount of people who are applying for a job with them at the same time.

The best approach would be to visit the store of your choice and ask to speak with someone in management. Let that person know you have applied online, you are looking forward to the opportunity for an interview, and thank him or her for their time. If you have a resume, this would be the perfect time to hand it to the supervisor. Don’t dare leave the store without offering your contact information in the form of a business card with your name, email address, and phone number just in case an opening comes up. One other thing; make sure you dress professionally as you only get one chance to make a lasting impression. Don’t show up in a t-shirt and jeans!

The Starbucks Interview Process Is Where Many People Fail

It goes without saying how you should practice interview techniques before you attend your own interview with them. By rehearsing how to answer specific questions such as “Where do you see yourself in the future?’ and “Why do you want to work for us?’ among many other common questions, you will go in with much more confidence than other applicants. This will give you an advantage and your chances of getting hired will rise dramatically.

The best way to practice interviewing is to get help from a family member or friend. Make a list of all the possible interview questions; these are easy to find as they are scattered all over the Internet. If you practice enough, I can almost guarantee you out of the five questions the interviewer asks you, you will already have a great answer to at least 2-3 of them! Once again, this gives you an advantage over other job seekers.

You can fill out and submit a Starbucks job application here.