Mcdonalds Wants Its Workers Smile A Lot More

Mcdonalds Wants Its Workers Smile A Lot More

I couldn’t stop shaking my head from side to side in disbelief when I heard about how Mcdonald’s is pushing employees to provide better customer service. It appears franchise owners are getting feedback from customers saying their service basically blows!

And this is something new? I think not. This is a classic case of  ‘it is what it is.’  You pay your employees 30 cents more than minimum wage, you don’t give them full benefits after two years of watching them bust their butt for you, and you expect them to smile all the time?

Why would any company want information like this to be leaked out, anyway? They are basically advertising to the world, “Don’t go to Mcdonald’s right now because the cashier is bound to bite your head off!” I’m sure Mcdonald’s shareholders are really happy about that!

Personally, I am inclined to believe Mcdonald’s is such a big corporation that they can verbally attack their employees and get away with it. Isn’t it coincidental how they say their workers need to be nicer to customers a few days after their workers went on strike in New York City?

The problem today is that high-paying jobs have diminished and these fast food jobs are no longer the types of jobs teenagers will take just to have a little more pocket change. The median age for fast food workers has jumped to 32 and just about two-thirds of its workers are female. This indicates there are many mothers who are expected to survive on a $16,000 a year salary working at Mcdonald’s while this rich company as well as many other fast food companies get richer.

Unfortunately, it’s just the way it is even thoMcdonalds workers are fed up with work conditions and low pay.ugh it doesn’t seem right. Fast food workers are generally considered unskilled laborers in the workforce and although some have college degrees, most do not. It’s too bad the fast food industry only sees it from this perspective. How many excellent fast food workers are out there making peanuts while providing amazing customer service for the past few years without ever getting the chance to move up the success ladder? I would venture to say they number in the thousands. Mcdonald’s and other companies can do a much better job with their pay scales for people who simply want to be crew members and excel at their jobs. There are 10 year crew veterans making less than $9.00 an hour; and you want them to smile?

Mcdonalds Hiring 6,000 Workers On Thursday, April 19

Mcdonalds Hiring 6,000 Workers On Thursday, April 19

Attention all Canadians looking for work; get ready for the annual Mcdonalds hiring day to be held on April 19 if you are looking for a position in fast food.

This has become a successful yearly event for Mickey Dee’s and has made a huge positive impact so far as job applicants are invited to attend the event and apply in person.

During this event, many applicants are actually interviewed right there on the spot by members of the restaurant management team after considering the different types of jobs available. This means you need to be prepared to ace the interview and you can do so by brushing up on your interviewing skills.

During the last two years when this event has been held, Mcdonalds applications have yielded approximately 10,000 new jobs and this year’s event hopes to reach more youngsters than ever who are in search of their first job. keep in mind that teenagers make up a huge part of the fast food workforce and high percentage of workers who are currently in management or corporate positions started out as entry level crew members. As an example, Joan Betts, the president and chief of Mcdonald’s in Canada, started out working behind the counter and fulfilling orders over over 40 years ago.

Betts wants to stress to youngsters how Mcdonalds holds annual hiring events to enploy thousands of new workers every year.there is a world of opportunity available if they keep their minds open and focus on the future, they very well may be able to rise up the ranks quickly and create a highly successful career path. She often shares her stories as a source of inspiration for college students.

The national unemployment rate is very high in Canada when it comes to young people aged 15-24. The last figure was at over 14 percent! The hiring event at Mcdonalds will , without a doubt, make an impact once the hiring is completed and people are settled into their new positions.

Something important to know is there are over 1,400 Mcdonalds restaurants in Canada with more than 80,000 Canadians employed within their golden arches.

Walmart Job Applications Will Be Custom Made For Veterans

Walmart Job Applications Will Be Custom Made For Veterans

Most of us know Walmart is the nation’s largest retailer in the U.S. but did you also know it is the largest private employer in the country?

There is some great news on the horizon; according to the Associated Press, America’s favorite major retailer has announced they will make a pledge to hire any veteran who wants a job.

The CEO and president of Walmart, Bill Simon, is going to make the announcement as part of his address on Tuesday, January 15, 2013 at the annual retail industry convention held in New York City.

Over the next five years, WM states it will hire more than 100,000 veterans. Simon explains how they want to make sure veterans have a place to go once they leave active-duty. In fact, the hiring initiative will begin on Memorial Day and any veteran who is within 12 months of leaving active-duty will be able to apply at Walmart stores, Sam’s Club, or through the company’s distribution centers.  All job applications with high importance in an effort to employ as many qualified veterans as possible.

Simon adds that Walmart believes veterans perform well under pressure and are quick to learn, and have the discipline it takes to be more productive than the average worker and provide excellent customer service. He believes the military brings passion to people and that it’s something that’s desperately needed in today’s retail market.

The White House will be working with the Department of Veterans Affairs, the Department of Defense, and major US employers so they can encourage more businesses to follow Walmart’s lead and make a better commitment to hiring veterans.

Some believe this is a great Walmart job applications for veterans are the hot thing right now.move on their part; company earnings fell slightly in the 4th quarter of 2012 and the positive publicity with this initiative is sure to favor the way Americans view this giant retail chain as they recover from holiday spending. More importantly, however, is the fact that this retailer we have come to depend on is simply doing the right thing!

If you are a veteran within one year of leaving active duty, you can fill out a Walmart application on their official website.

Now Is the Time to Look for a Holiday Job

Now Is the Time to Look for a Holiday Job

October is the hottest month to find a temporary holiday job. Close to 60% of the companies hiring this time of the year expect to complete the process by the end of October. This is always a golden opportunity for anyone hoping to get in on the ground floor and secure their immediate and possibly long-term future. The United States seasonal job market hasn’t been this good since 2007, when the recession began. According to reputable sources such as, hiring managers intend to hire more than 10% additional workers this season for temporary jobs compared to last year. The hourly pay will also increase to an average of $10.70 an hour, up from $10.60 an hour last year. Aside from cashier and retail clerk positions you can also expect to find a holiday job as a warehouse worker, truck driver, customer service rep, travel and leisure, and as an office clerk.

Temporary Jobs Can Be Perfect For You

You need to hurry, though; by the end of this month, up to 60 to 70% of the temporary jobs will be filled and many of them will be full-time. As you may already know, companies tend to hire excellent workers for the long term after the temporary season is over. Many successful employees in the retail business started out working during the holiday season as part-timers!

The following companies are aggressively hiring personnel right now and offer a great chance to get hired for a holiday job; Macy’s, Kohl’s, Meijer, Toys “R” Us, Target, and Walmart. Of course, thee are many more local places of business you should consider and your best bet to do this quickly is to use a job search website such as,, or With these companies all you need to do is create a free profile and they will match your qualifications to available positions so that you may be able to quickly start the interview process.

The best way to apply to these companies is by using the old-school methods of visiting the places of business in person, introducing yourself, and letting the company dictate what your next move should be. Usually, they will tell you to fill out an application online from home and if you meet their criteria, they will call you back for an interview. Your chances of getting hired for a holiday jobwill rise dramatically if you indicate in your application that you will able able to work any shift. Remember to always follow up on your job application.