What to Do For Hemorrhoids at Home – Relief From Hemorrhoids Made Easy

What to Do For Hemorrhoids at Home – Relief From Hemorrhoids Made Easy

Oftentimes, you can learn what to do for hemorrhoids at home and give yourself great relief without having to visit a physician. Relieving the pain yourself can be quite a chore if you don’t involve medical help but in many cases, it can surely be accomplished. There are a few over the counter medicines out there that can give you instant relief but they won’t be able to cure the cause of your pain and some can even be dangerous if you have certain medical conditions. For example,the ever-so-popular product, Preparation H, will probably give you immediate relief from hemorrhoids in most cases but it contains an ingredient named phenylephrine which can temporarily raise your blood pressure because it constricts your blood vessels.

Relief From Hemhorroids Starts With H2O

The first and most important part of placing yourself on the road to healing you need to avoid straining during bowel movements by drinking plenty of water so you can stay hydrated, increasing your fiber intake, and even trying to use a stool softener so you can pass your stool much easier and wiothout further anal irritation.

When you are trying to figure out what to do for hemorrhoids you can simplify it by using the following three methods proven to work:

1. Use an ice pack to reduce the swelling for 10-15 minutes until you notice the swelling go down. Never place the ice directly on the anus; always use some type of cloth barrier. You can also use the hot/cold technique athletes use which is; applying an ice pack to the inflamed area for 10 minutes followed by 20 minutes of placing a heat pack.

2. Use a sitz bath. You can find these contraptioLearning what to do for hemorrhoids at home is possible with a few trusted methods.ns at a medical supply or drugstore. It’s a plastic bowl you can place on top of your toilet seat. Fill it with warm water (not hot) and make sure you have plenty of reading material because you are going to sit on it for a good 20 minutes. Be careful when you get up from a sitz bath; some people say it can make you feel slightly dizzy at times because of the way your blood vessels dilate during this treatment. Repeat this treatment twice a day for best results.

3. Use witch hazel. The astringent properties in witch hazel causes the hemorrhoids to shrink and heal more quickly. Make sure your anal area is clean and Use a cotton ball to apply this substance and leave it on for approximately 10-15 minutes.

What to Do for Hemorrhoids at Home in the Form of Instant and Practical Relief Tidbits

  1. Use a padded cushion while sitting down.
  2. Use flushable wipes to clean your anal area after bowel movements.
  3. Try to lie down instead of sitting for long periods of time.
  4. No matter how itchy, refrain from scratching the anal area and whatever you do, don’t use an abrasive toilet paper while wiping.
  5. Wear cotton underwear because they are softer and less irritating than other fabrics.