Is It Possible to Succeed On the Internet and Quit Your Day Job?

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I know many people would like to know once and for all, if you can really make a living and succeed on the Internet. It’s a valid question! Humans, by nature, are very skeptical. We are also very fickle at times and oftentimes very impatient.

We want results quickly and we do everything possible in a short amount of time to get our desired results. Therein lies the biggest problem when it comes to making money on the Internet. Hint: 99.9% of people who are successful in this field didn’t become that way overnight!

After the recession in late 2007, many people turned to the Internet to try their luck at making money on the Web. A lucky few have turned their path into success over the last few years but the majority failed miserably and eventually went back to their old 9-5.

What happened? How is it that we hear about so many people who struck gold by selecting a hosting plan, setting up their website, and watching the money roll in?

The answer is simple.

No matter what you’ve heard or how many promises weren’t kept by those so-called Internet moguls who sold unsuspecting people their get rich quick courses, the only ones who survive and even thrive on the Internet are those who:

  • don’t give up
  • are relentless in learning about how to make money on the Internet using FREE information
  • have a clear vision of which niche to choose and what type of products or services they will sell
  • treat their website endeavor as a real business

That’s it! The rest is all about gaining experience, learning from your mistakes, making adjustments, and getting better every day at what you do.

As an example, Pat Flynn of is one of the greatest success stories on the Internet. He lost his job a few years back and jumped in head first into the magical world of Internet marketing. He’s been able to succeed on the Internet as a result of extremely hard work and transparency in showing everyone proof of his earnings as he went along. He built a huge fan base that’s still with him today because he had the following vision:

Give people a reason to come back to my website by regularly producing epic content that benefits them, build a community of engaged followers, be available and offer as much help as possible so they can achieve their dreams, place products on my website using a soft sell approach so it doesn’t seem like I am trying to sell them something, and be honest about and show them my earnings as I go so they can see real-life examples of how to make money on the Internet!


What an amazing concept that many Internet marketers wouldn’t even think about doing! Pat Flynn regularly makes over $100,000.00 a month (yep, you heard right) because he’s a master at treating people right!

Most wannabe internet marketers focus only on what’s in itYou too, can make money online with plenty of effort and perseverance. for them and because they fail to offer any true value to their readers, they ultimately fail and bounce from one website idea to another. In the end, they become frustrated and quit altogether!

Now that you know it’s possible to succeed on the Internet, if you want to try your hand on it, I suggest you research “how-to” methods for at least a month so you can educate yourself instead of just diving in blindly. Start with Pat Flynn’s site and branch out from there. All the information you need to succeed is available for free; you simply have to look for it and put the pieces together.

What does it cost?

You need to get a web host such as Bluehost or Hostgator for less than $10.00 a month. The only other investment is your time! Now, you tell me if there is another legitimate business on this planet where you can invest $120.00 a year as a startup cost and potentially make thousands a year!

Linkedin Founder Shares His Keys to Success

Linkedin Founder Shares His Keys to Success

Reid Hoffman, the LinkedIn founder who has enjoyed immense success with his social media platform to the tune of billions of dollars. If there’s anyone who can give great advice on the keys to success, he’s right up there with the best of them!

According to Hoffman, the cornerstone of how to succeed in any business is to take risks and take advantage of all the networking available to you. He’ll be the first to tell you to stay consistent and plan for a bumpy, long ride in reaching your ultimate goals.

Here are some of Hoffman’s best tips for success:

1. Have an entrepreneurial spirit. Don’t be afraid to venture out on your own and take chances and more than anything, remember to take ownership of your own self-made career. If one fails, try another!

2. Be intelligent when it comes to risk taking. Take smaller risks on a daily and consistent basis to make your company grow. I equate this to working out your muscles; if you continually work them out in the gym in a smart way, they will continue to grow bigger and you will eventually have the physique you want.

3. You need to develop a competitive advantage. One of the keys to success is to differentiate your company from anything else out there by having an original idea and mapping out a plan for success.

4. Adapt and conquer. In every business venture, one needs to expect the unexpected and learn how to quickly adapt and overcome obstacles. Feel free to experiment and have an alternate plan ready at a moment’s notice.

5. Don’t underestimate the importance of LinkedIn founder Reid Hoffman knows what it takes to be successful.seizing great opportunities. One lucky break can catapult your business’s success into the stratosphere. This ties into taking risks; trust your gut and take advantage of a possibly great opportunity when it comes along.

6. Optimize your networking capabilities. Make a concerted effort to expand your connections and always remember it’s other people who will help make your business successful. You need to constantly reach out to others so they know who you are and what your company is about.

Consider an Internet Business and Say Goodbye to 9-5

Consider an Internet Business and Say Goodbye to 9-5

From the moment we enter the doors in high school, we are conditioned to start thinking about what we might want to do when we graduate high school and college. Funny how while many people are concentrating on getting their grade-point average up thinking they’re going to excel in college and get a great job once they graduate, there are a select few teenagers pounding away on their desktop computer keyboards and building a business online that sometimes promises to take them on a possible lifelong journey to financial freedom.

You see, Internet marketing is absolutely a real business. There are people just like you and I making thousands of dollars online either as a side or full-time income. Although experts say only 5% of the people who try their hand at Internet marketing will ever become successful, if you have the patience and the desire to forge your way to success, there’s no one and nothing that can stop you and your chance to be successful rises dramatically!

How are People Making the Big Bucks Online?

First of all, it’s important to note how many retail stores count greatly on their online sales for the success of their companies. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that year-by-year, more and more people are buying products on the Internet rather than going to the actual stores.

One of the first ways you can consider making money on the web is to open up a website and feature other companies’ products as an affiliate to those companies. This means you would serve as the middle-man in getting people to click on your advertisements so they could eventually fall on the retail store page for the product they desire from these companies. In other words, you are serving a great purpose for these companies because you are increasing their sales.

With this type of deal, you would probably expect anywhere between 4 and 10% of the sale. As an example, this means if someone buys an product through your website which costs 270.00, you would get 4% to 10% of the sale, $10.80 to $27.00, depending on how many sales you generate (percentages vary by sales volume).

By contrast, if you are featurinYou ca build a great online business if you have the desire to succeed.g a digital product from, you would collect anywhere between 50 to 75% of the sale, on average, because the people or companies selling the products don’t have much overhead to pay.

There are a ton of other methods to make money on the Internet, including building your own blog or website, attracting traffic, and getting paid every single time somebody clicks an ad on your site. You get the code for these ads from companies such as Google AdSense,,,, and many others.

Regardless of your age, if you want a bona fide business where you can actually see results rather quickly for a minimal investment, then the Internet maybe your answer. It is definitely worth looking into and, who knows? Maybe you will be one of those people in the 5 percentile group within a few months!

Is It Really Possible To Make a Living on the Internet?

Is It Really Possible To Make a Living on the Internet?

For those of you who are sick and tired of the 9-to-5 grind and working for somebody else doesn’t really appreciate you, you may be in for a big surprise. Is it really possible to make a living on the Internet, and if so, how exactly do you go about doing it?

To get to the bottom of this, we tracked down owner Trent Anderson and asked him a few million dollar questions. Anderson says he has been making a great side income off the Internet for the past four years and he is on the verge of making more money than his actual salary as a police officer. Anderson claims his income is currently between $3000-$6500 a month because he has good months and slower months and he says he only works 3 hours a day on it. Internet marketers call this “passive income,” that is; you wake up in the morning and your money is in each of your accounts as if you are literally making money while you sleep.

“I’m just one of thousands of people who are making a great living online and to get to the point where I’m at right now, you simply have to dive in and start doing it with the right training and information. I have no doubt that someone working 2-3 hours a day on the Internet, within one year’s time, can be making at least $1000 if not more. you have to understand, this is a billion dollar industry. Everyone has a chance to get a piece of the pie. When I started, it took me a few months to get to the $1000 mark and on my website, I provide a free 4 step training course anyone can start with to begin making a living doing it,” says Anderson.

Anderson goes on to talk about the five basic Internet marketing techniques he uses that don’t require any door-to-door selling or cold-calling at all. He continues, “You basically build your own website or blog, you learn how to get traffic to your site, and you can use Google AdSense, affiliate marketing, CPA offer marketing, in, or you can sell your own product to make a nice chunk of monthly income on the Internet. But you have to really set your mind to it, you have to have the right information, and you have to put forth some effort to get it done. I am but one person in the five percentile group with success which means the other 95% have not been able to succeed for one reason or another, usually because they’re not persistent and they give up way too soon. The Internet offers many different ways to make money and I just happen to be in the content-marketing arena. That is, I create a website, fill it up with useful content for the visitor, and a reap the rewards of placing ads and affiliate products and leads on my site. The only contact I have with people is an occasional email. Basically, every time someone clicks an ad on my site, I get paid “X” amount of money. Google AdSense is the most lucrative way to get paid as a publisher placing ads on your site.”

Still, there’s a  reason why oYou can make a great living on the Internet if you set your mind to it.nly 5% of people are successful in their Internet marketing ventures. I have tried it in the past and I didn’t really have the patience for it, so I let it go. I made a few Google Adsense bucks and although I can see how someone can easily make a living doing it, it just wasn’t for me, probably because I am just too lazy!

I believe you can really make a living on the Internet if you know what you’re doing and if you actually put your mind to it. According to experts, people  fail at Internet marketing because they don’t have the right basic information to start with and they become discouraged before they give themselves a chance to succeed.

5 Essential Traits of an Entrepreneur

5 Essential Traits of an Entrepreneur

It seems many people dream of owning their own business one day but the fact is only a select few possess the necessary traits of an entrepreneur, so many never even try. What is it that makes these folks so hesitant to strike out on their own? There are many reasons but one that immediately comes to mind is that not everybody is cut out to take the initiative of organizing their own business and taking a huge risk.

To Be a Successful Entrepreneur You Need to Work At It

Even if you don’t possess the following traits of an entrepreneur, I assure you most can be acquired with a little training and patience.

Here are the qualities you must have:

1. You must be able to make a commitment and stick with it. The first year of new business usually results in a net loss or breaking even. You will be lucky if you are able to pay yourself and have money left over for new equipment or other materials.

2. Having no fear. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes and miss out on the learning process. There is no perfect manual for success and many successful business owners will tell you they one of the most important traits of an entrepreneur  is to start out with a vision of success and possibly face many bumpy roads to get there.

3. You must be able to track your finances effectively. An entrepreneur can’t face a crisis and ask themselves, “Where did the money go?” They need to take accountability and know exactly what the financial picture is, the whole time.

4. You must be creative. To be a successful entrepreneur, if you can’t think outside the box and come up with new ways to serve your customers and enhance your company, you will miss out on great opportunities. Keep an open mind and study your craft. Never hesitate to ask others for their opinions and most of all, get feedback from your customers.

5. You must have leadership sYou can acquire the skills to have the necessary traits of an entrepreneur.kills. Not just anybody can be a great boss or manager to employees who work under their supervision. It takes people skills that can help lead employees to be more productive while maintaining a happy work environment. If morale is low, including your own, you are facing a serious uphill battle.

Even if you are a one-woman or one-man show, you will find the above traits of an entrepreneur essential to building your business. Many small business owners start out working by themselves as a side income and progress to having a full-time business. One of the biggest keys to be a successful entrepreneur is to take the business seriously and to invest the necessary time to get the business off the ground and flying on its own.