Bachelorette Invitations The Right Way For a Memorable Party

Bachelorette Invitations The Right Way For a Memorable Party

Bachelorette parties are less formal and less structured than a wedding shower but there’s still plenty of planning involved to make sure it’s fun for the bride and everyone invited.

Here’s a checklist to make the party much more enjoyable:

1. You need to know who’s hosting. Usually it’s the maid of honor and bridesmaids who host but it doesn’t have to be. Any close friends or family members can do the honors. If the wedding is a month away and nobody has mentioned the bachelorette party, this may be a good time to step up and offer to throw one.

2. Check with the bride before inviting anyone. Usually, bachelorette party invites are best-kept at small numbers, say 10 to 20 people, and all those people are invited to the wedding. You don’t want to invite someone who does not get along with the person you are honoring that night!

3. When picking a date, make sure you don’t plan the bachelorette party the day before the wedding. You don’t want the bride to be hung over for her wedding! The closest date you should make for the wedding is 2 to 3 days before. However, most bachelorette parties take place a couple of weeks before the wedding date and after the shower.

4. Depending on the type of party and who’s throwing it, you might have to ask for contributions from each guest. Typically, you can ask for $50-$200 per person but no matter what, never ask the bride for any money.

5. When it comes to bachelorette invitBachelorette invitations should be sent out with plenty of notice so you can have the party at least 3 days to 2 weeks before the actual wedding.ations, your best bet is a general email or e-vite to spread the word. Don’t waste your money or time on a printed invitation for a party and save the money for the bride to be’s fun!

Take Your Bachelorette Ideas and Enhance the Fun

Now that you have the date and the place, you need to know what to bring. Here are the top props to bring to the bachelorette party:

  1.  A headpiece. A veil, a silly wig, or even a tiara are all great options to let everyone know that it’s a bride’s bachelorette party and who she is.
  2. Have a “dare to do” list. Bring a list of tasks the bride has to do as well as items she has to collect that night.
  3. Some sassy attire. You need at least one outfit to make the bride feel daring for the night. Encourage all guests to bring at least one naughty item that the bride has to wear at some point in the evening.
  4. Get some phallic fun items. A good suggestion is to bring penis straws. The ladies will be cracking up with laughter and enjoying their drinks that much more at the same time!
  5. Bring digital cameras to capture the special moments. Assign to people to begin taking pictures and email them after the party. Depending on what happens that night, the bride and women attending the bachelorette party probably don’t want to see anything posted that can paint them in a bad light with other family members and friends. So, be careful with the type of pictures you take and definitely don’t post them on Facebook for all to see. Note – many weddings have been broken at the last minute after the bride was caught in a compromising position in a photo with a member of the male species!

Some important items to have on hand for emergencies are a cell phone, extra cash, the subway or bus schedule, the phone number for a car or taxi service, and a map.

A list of all the bars you will be visiting including the phone numbers, addresses is a good idea, too, particularly if the group plans to be splitting up at some point that evening. So, get those bachelorette invitations going already, will you?

Why Men Need to Pull More of Their Weight at Home

Why Men Need to Pull More of Their Weight at Home

Men have always had it easier than women when it comes to performing necessary chores and work at home. It’s an American tradition that sadly, still continues today due to the way many parents continue to raise their children by instilling in them that a woman is supposed to take care of all the house work while the man is supposed to be the breadwinner. The problem with this mentality is that roughly 60% of married women today work outside the home and many have to perform double duties when they get home after a full day’s work. For many of these women, work never stops, even on weekends!

Many parents today are still stuck in the 1950’s mentality where the man would try work enough to fully support the family while the woman took care of the household. Back in those days, the woman would make breakfast for the family, take the kids to school or see them off on their school bus with their prepared lunches, they cleaned the house and washed and folded all the clothes, they would cook a hearty dinner for the family and at night, they were expected to please their man in bed. Even back then, women were working much harder than many men who worked their 9-5 jobs!

Fast forward to today and this so-called American tradition has become an excuse for many married men who are downright selfish or just plain lazy!

Case in point; one of my childhood friends works as a county clerk from 8-5, Monday through Friday, and her spouse works the same hours at his office job. Both have generally the same type of stressors at work and they both get home at the same time every evening after fighting rush hour traffic. The moment she walks through the door, she’s expected to make sure her twelve and fourteen year-old kids are done with their homework. If they are having trouble with it, she’s always the one who comes to the rescue. By 6:30 P.M., she’s still in her work clothes cooking in the kitchen while her husband has already showered and has plopped himself in front of the big-screen T.V. in the living room with remote in hand.

She quickly showers, serves dinner, and thWomen need more help from their partners when it comes to household chores.e family sits down for a decent meal every single night. You would think her husband has the decency to help with the dishes, right? Wrong!

He simply thanks her and goes back to the couch while his wife and daughter assume the responsibility of cleaning up. The 12 year old boy goes straight upstairs to his room. When she is done in the kitchen, she goes upstairs and takes care of washing any necessary clothes and folding them as she tries to relax by 9:00 P.M. Do you see anything dysfunctional in this?  I certainly do.  When I ask my friend why this is happening and how she allows this to continue, she simply says it was the way he was raised.  If he reads this article I’m sure he is going to know I am talking about him and that’s perfectly alright. For the record, he’s a selfish bastard! Yeah, I said it!

I’m sure many of you reading this have similar stories and examples of the injustices going on in many of America’s homes.

It’s time for many men to step up to the plate and start playing the game right. That’s not to say there are men who perform their fair share of house work and even some who perform all the house chores. There are simply far too many men abusing their wives by not sharing household responsibilities.

For those of you men who don’t do anything; shame on you! It’s not too late. You need to realize not helping around the home is one of the easiest ways to make a woman start resenting you and although you probably have your learned family values to thank for it, you need to break the cycle. Your parents, although they had good intentions in raising you based on the way they were raised, were dead wrong when they told you a woman was supposed to do all the house work.

For those of you who think you are traditionalists and you are going to raise your children with these distorted values, you should know you are setting your kids up for possible failure in their marriages or other relationships. We have evolved as a nation and society, and one thing is clear; many married men need to get their head out of their behinds or risk ruining many lives!

A Female Cashier WorkHorse Stands Up For Herself

A Female Cashier WorkHorse Stands Up For Herself

Last night while trying to fill up my car with gas at a local Chevron,  my Citibank credit card wouldn’t work and it forced me to go inside the store and pre-pay with cash. Much to my horror, a tall man dressed in a company uniform with his last name and the word “supervisor” emblazoned below it was arguing with a familiar female cashier for a reason that was not yet apparent.

The argument was one-sided with the man “letting her have it.” The root of the disagreement quickly came into focus as the cashier, while maintaining her composure even through her watery eyes, calmly informed the patron he had no reason to be so rude and belittle her.  As he tried to interject and offer a weak excuse of an angry explanation as to why he flung one credit card after another at her when the previous one didn’t work, she quickly drove a point across like a dagger to the heart of a monster. She said, “You sir, are abusive and you obviously have no manners. I am a single mother and I don’t wake up every morning, cook breakfast for my three kids and drive them to school so I can come here and take abuse from someone like you who was obviously left on the floor a little too long many years ago when you crying hysterically while you were still in your diapers.  Imagine how sad my kids would feel if they saw you treating the person they admire most the way you are right now. You should be ashamed of yourself.”

At this point I looked at the guy behind me and we simultaneously raised our eyebrows in shock while silently saying,”Yes!”  and agreeing how well the cashier was handling this belligerent fool who was now embarrassingly backing down like a scolded Yorkshire Terrier with its head down and tail between its legs. I was laughing so hard inside at this jerk that my insides were about to explode. He made one more feeble attempt to save face by saying there were many other gas stations and he would never come back.

It gets funnier. When he walked out he approached the lady holding the gas pump (probably his wife) attached to his  vehicle and told her they had to leave because the cashier had treated him rudely and they had to go somewhere else to pump gas. “But I’ll be late for work, what happened?” she asked. He told her to get in the car and she refused. Now there was a full-blown argument brewing at the gas pump! After a few more unintelligible words they realized they were drawing a crowd and they scurried away.

I asked the cashier if she was alright and althouFemale Chevron cashier handled an irate customer she was shaken, she said she was fine. She said the man became angry because none of his credit cards worked and he began throwing them at her one after another while saying with a nasty attitude how she couldn’t get things right and she was probably doing something wrong. I told her my credit card wasn’t working either so, more than likely, your system is down and it’s not your fault.

I offered to write her a letter of commendation for the way she amazingly handled this person who called himself a supervisor and she politely refused, saying she didn’t want to call attention to herself over nothing.

I feel so sorry for this man’s subordinates at his place of business. I wonder what they have to go through. After witnessing the tail end of his needless tirade, I doubt seriously he was just having a bad day. As far as the cashier, good for her!

The Only Real Cure If You’re Severely Underpaid or Unappreciated By Your Company

The Only Real Cure If You’re Severely Underpaid or Unappreciated By Your Company

On any given day, you can visit some of the job forums scattered all over the Internet and see dozens of people talking about how severely underpaid and under appreciated they are at their current position. Say goodbye to debt, stress and your old jobs!

You will also see tons of articles talking about how you can march right into the boss’s office and start renegotiating your salary. Sometimes the straightforward approach with your company can work wonders to get you the raise you deserve but more often than not, it falls on deaf ears regardless of how excellent your job performance has been.

What can you do in this situation? Are you going to stay stuck in a job that you love but are obviously being underpaid for your services? What do you see in your future in regards to being able to support yourself and perhaps build a life for your family?

These are some of the questions you have to ask yourself before contemplating what your next move is. The most important question you should ask yourself is whether or not you sincerely believe this company is ever going to compensate you for your work and talents.

If the answer is no, then you need to start making your move right now. Not tomorrow, not next week, right freaking now!

The worst thing you can do right away is to quit before you can line up another job. You need to start putting the feelers out with your friends and family so they can keep their ears open for you for a possible job opening; explain to them you are severely underpaid and unhappy because of it and how you plan on resolving the issue. Ask them to keep your intentions in confidence; the last thing you want to do is alert your company that you’re looking for another job. Then, quietly and methodically go about finding a job with a different company.

Start registering on job search engines and start looking for jobs in your area, and begin submitting your job applications and resumes to various companies. Job search engines make this extremely easy to do. Aside from that, they can provide you with all the available local job listings matching your skills and talents. If you’re someone who already has a job and you are performing it well , you will be a precious commodity for a company who can appreciate you and hire you for your talents.

Once you go through the hiring proWhen you are severely underpaid you need to make smart moves.cess and settle on a solid job offer, you can then approach your present company and inform them you plan to resign within the following two weeks. If you really love your job and don’t want to leave but are unhappy with the pay or working conditions, kindly let them know that you are open to negotiation if they want you to stay. Don’t let them know you would rather stay with them. You will have them by the groin!

You will be in an extremely favorable position to be able to negotiate just about anything you want at this point if they really want to retain you as an employee. Many companies find out the hard way how important certain employees are in their company and they’re willing to negotiate once they are backed into a corner. This is just a sad reality in the business world. Take it for what it is and for what it’s worth, and don’t take it personal.

With this solution you win either way and take comfort in the fact that you beat them at their own game. More importantly, you will be getting paid well for what you do until the next go-round!

What Men Look For in Women

What Men Look For in Women

If you ask the average person what men look for in women, you’ll usually hear a response saying men are after just one thing and the answer has to be ‘good looks.’

Although looks are very important for some men to make that initial attraction, they take a serious back seat to other more important qualities once a man dives deeper.

Here are five important qualities men are constantly searching for in women:

1. Is She Clean and Well Groomed?

A huge turnoff for a man is a woman who doesn’t practice good personal hygiene. If a man doesn’t feel like the woman he is talking to is a clean person he will run for the hills! Men love women with manicures, pretty pedicures, and clean-smelling skin. They are drawn to women who take care of themselves and ones who care about their appearance.

2. Is She Feminine?

Nothing makes a man feel more masculine than to be with a girl who is very feminine. That’s not to say that some men don’t like tomboyish girls; it’s just that for most men, role-playing is extremely important. They want to be the man in charge and they want to take a lady out for a night on the town, not their best buddy.

3. Is She Well Spoken and Intelligent?

There’s a time and a place to be plaWhat men look for in women is probably not what you think.yful and somewhat immature but when it comes down to it, men love a woman who can carry herself well and engage in an intelligent conversation once in a while. What’s the point in having a conversation with a woman when all you ever talk about is the latest make up kit you bought and how you plan on telling your girlfriend to quit nagging you about which color you should use for fingernail polish?

4. Does She Have a Sense of Humor?

Men are not attracted to women who are dull and boring. If a woman can’t laugh at his jokes or laugh at him or herself from time to time, men take it as being with a woman who is so miserable there’s no way to have fun with her. No one likes to be around someone who is negative all the time or a person who refuses to enjoy life.

5. Does She Seem Compassionate and Understanding?

Men love unselfish women who are caring enough to lend a helping hand to others. It tells them you can take care of them, too! They like women who are respectful, kind, and thoughtful of others while being understanding of enough to give them the space they need.

How to Spot a Womanizer From a Mile Away

How to Spot a Womanizer From a Mile Away

Ladies, you have all heard the same old words before from a man; “you are the one for me,” “I am committed to you,” and “you have nothing to worry about.”

There really are some men who can be ultra-committed to you and make you sincerely feel like you are the only woman that exists in their lives but on the other hand, there seems to be one shark for every noble fish in the sea.

So, how do you spot a womanizer in a crowded sea bed of beautifully colored fish and spiny sea urchins?

First, let’s talk about the definition of “womanizer.” Everybody has a slightly different take on what they believe a womanizer is, but it’s safe to say this type of man is one who is only after casual affairs with women with no strings attached and one who refuses to emotionally or physically commit to one woman.

Is it morally wrong to be a womanizer? At first thought, it’s hard to say.  I believe people should be free to do whatever they please and let’s face it; many women could care less if a guy is a womanizer because they themselves are playing the field recklessly, too! On the other hand, men and women who cheat and string people along are causing them plenty of harm, both emotionally and physically. I guess the answer is clear; it’s morally wrong!

However, for those of you who are into more fulfilling relationships, it’s important to develop the ability to know how to spot a womanizer so you can avoid him and hold onto your heart before he rips it out of your chest!

How to Recognize a Womanizer Quickly Before You Become Involved

One dead giveaway is a man who seems overly charming. It’s one thing to be someone who appears physically and mentally irresistable, personable, funny, and smart but it’s another to carry on as if they own the entire room and they could have any woman they want. Does the word “player” come to mind?

If you find yourself so unbelievably attracted to this man upon first contact, you don’t have to necessarily run for the hills but you do have to be cautious for he may be about to sink his shark teeth right into your soul and you may not be able to resist and let go of him!

Another indication is his lack of sincerity. Does he come across as being superficial during conversation? Does he appear to be playing mind games with you? Does he ask about you and does he listen to what you have to say? Smooth talking men can get their way a high percentage of the time, so don’t fall victim to the fake sweet talk that can make the smartest woman go forth with blinders on! Oh, and do I need to tell you; womanizers are some of the best LIARS out there.

Advanced Womanizing

Once you are in a relationship, you expect commitment from your partner but the truth and reality is; not every man can commit to one woman.

Oftentimes, this starts early in their childhood as they watch and learn from their fathers whom are also philanderers. When boys grow up watching their fathers repeatedly cheat on their moms how do you really expect these boys to grow up and conduct themselves? Exactly; the same way their fathers did. However, that’s not to say that some men can’t break the cycle and free themselves from the harsh memory of their fathers’ misgivings.

A great and possibly the best simple way to tell if your supposed significant other is a womanizer is to do two things;

  1. Follow your gut/instincts.
  2. Take into account the type of parental influences they had.

For example, you don’t want to be paranoid that your boyfriend is cheating on you just because your previous relationship left you feeling as if all men are cheaters. Believe me, there are many men in the world today who are completely faithful and who have no respect at all for men who cheat and some of these cheaters happen to be their friends!

Find out about his parental influences. Ask him about his father and mother early on in the relationship. Most men will flat out tell you from the get-go how their father was a two-timer until their mother told their father it was time to take his two-timing ways straight out of the house and into court for a divorce.

If you have a gut feeling something is going on with your man’s extra-curricular activities due to certain reasons such as cancelling dates at the last minute, not knowing his whereabouts, finding out from a friend that he was spotted with someone else, you can best believe it’s time to play it smart and start figuring out the truth without going crazy.

You see, if he is cheating on you because he is a womanizer, you will lose by staying with him in the long run, anyway. With that said, it now becomes a matter of putting all the pieces together before you confront him in a positive manner. You really have nothing to lose! He either is or isn’t cheating and you do not need to build a life around a dishonest person who runs around on you.

Learn how to spot a womanizer through experience and by looking at all the cues and you will minimize the chance of falling prey to the most ruthless shark of them all.