Imagine what it would feel like microwaving a nice bowl of Quaker oatmeal and instead of pouring a few sprinkles of cinnamon, placing one tablespoon of it right down your pie hole without anything to wash it down. Yuck!! Will it go down? Actually, it doesn’t taste so bad but it is rather dangerous as many people have ended up in the emergency room after trying to gulp down spoonfuls of cinnamon in one gulp without the help of any liquids in what’s now commonly known as the “cinnamon challenge.”

While no one has yet died from this prank, this ridiculous game causes people to choke and cough like crazy, it’s caused folks to experience trouble breathing, and it’s even collapsed some lungs along the way! Poison control centers are even aware of this regular call that comes in on a fairly regular basis.

Experts predict it’s only a matter of time when a teen or adult with asthma or other respiratory problem takes the challenge and chokes to death and as a result, alerts have been placed on the American Association of Poison Control Centers website. What people don’t know is the inhalation of cinnamon powder can actually scar lung tissue because it is composed of cellulose fibers which don’t break down easily in the body.

Experts are also suggesting parents warn their kids about this dangerous game and to be extra vigilant concerning what they are looking at while online.

A 16 year-old teen from Michigan started her own website called as a means to discourage kids swallowing cinnamon after she suffered a collapsed lung and almost died before being found by her father who drove her to a hospital emergency room.

Dejah Reed says she was participating in theChoking on cinnamon has become common for youngsters and adults alike idiotic enough to participate in the game. cinnamon challenge with her friend and after the fourth challenge, she inhaled a nice clump of cinnamon causing her to lose her breath. Luckily, her father arrived shortly after to find her daughter dying right there in front of his eyes, evidenced by her pale bluish color. She now has developed a terrible case of asthma and carries an inhaler thanks to her idiotic prank.

I’m glad Reed is alive and I must say I’ve seen much stupidity in my life but this one ranks there with some of the worst! She gets my nod for the biggest knucklehead of 2013.