Just about everyone has heard about how risky it is to smoke cigarettes. Have you ever thought about cigar smoking effects on health?

Is it possible that smoking cigars is just as dangerous or even more dangerous than smoking cigarettes? It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that any type of smoking is bad for you. However, did you know that cigar smoking has been linked to cancers of the lungs, oral cavity, stomach, and larynx? It doesn’t stop there. How about cancer of the pancreas? Most experts agree that people who regularly inhale any types of tobacco products have a much higher risk of developing heart issues as well as lung problems.

As an example, a person who smokes 3 to 5 cigars every day has an eight times greater risk of developing oral cancer than someone who does not smoke at all. It’s important to note that at this time there hasn’t been any conclusive evidence as to exactly how dangerous it is to occasionally smoke and enjoy a cigar. This is good news for you people who love to enjoy the occasional puff, depending on who you want to believe. However, if you smoke cigars regularly, you are definitely asking for trouble.

Now to the addictive part. Not many people know that cigars can be just as addictive as smoking cigarettes. The reason is simple; tobacco products contain nicotine; some more than others. Either way, the average cigar or cigarette contains far too much nicotine that can easily become addictive for any person. You may be saying,”But I don’t even inhale the smoke when I puff on a cigar.”well, a lot of the smoke is coincidentally inhaled into the lungs, regardless. This in turn, causes a potential for nicotine addiction.

Something you probably didn’t know is that one large cigar may contain a little bit over 1/2 ounces of tobacco. This is just as much tobacco as you would find in a cigarette pack. You should also know that just one cigar can contain up to 200 mg of nicotine. Compare this to only about 8 to 10 mg per cigarette of nicotine and you can see just how harmful smoking a cigar can be.It may be the equivalent of smoking 20 cigarettes in one day!

There are many cigar smokers who do not smoke regularly. The reason is usually because cigars are very strong-flavored and because people are worried about becoming addicted to nicotine. Another reason is that cigars are not as readily available as your average cigarette which you can purchase at any convenience store.

The ultimate verdict regarding cigar smoking effects on health is that although cigar smoking can pose some serious health risks, an occasional cigar may or may not be anything to worry about. depending on whom you want to believe!