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By Jonathan Henson for, courtesy of


I know for a fact that diabetes can be reversed! Don’t let doctors or so-called experts tell you any different. I know because I’VE DONE IT!

Here’s what happened to me.

It was one of the worst days of my life; I woke up one morning and felt a slight numbness on the bottom of my feet. At first, I thought maybe I had a pinched nerve or a slight back problem that was causing my feet to feel like there was a glove and stocking covering them as I walked.

I was very concerned!

After researching on the Internet for good 2 hours, I realized my worst fear; I probably had type-2 diabetes or pre-diabetes just as my doctor had warned me one year earlier during a routine physical.

My A1C levels back then were elevated at 5.7 and my doctor warned me to stop eating refined sugars and to exercise more. I ignored his advice like the bull-headed person that I am! Now, with my A1C levels at 6.5, I was in trouble!

For the last two months , I have quickly and vastly improved my A1C levels and I am left with only slight numbness on the bottom of my feet. By all accounts, I HAVE BEEN ABLE TO REVERSE MY TYPE-2 DIABETES.

I know for certain now that I can do it. I bet you can, too!

How the heck am I doing it? How the heck are other people doing it?

I’ll tell you how; we all got fed up with a medical industry that makes millions of dollars off of us by offering us medications instead of telling us how to get rid of Type 2 diabetes. …..and without a doubt, Type 2 diabetes is 100% curable!

The following is how many people, including me, are curing their Type-2 diabetes:


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