Hey Stinky? Do you take a shower every day? Yeah, I’m talking to you; the guy with the greasy hair and dirt under your fingernails?

That’s how I bust one of my friend’s chops because he only takes a bath once every two or three days. It’s not that I smell him. It’s just that it has come up in conversation quite a few times, so I know this to be true. This friend who shall remain nameless has always told me that showering is far too overrated and that it’s actually hurting our skin.

It’s hard for me to relate to this because there’s no worse feeling when you put your head on your pillow at night with a sticky body holding firmly to your sheets. When I don’t take a shower before going to bed, it’s hard for me to get some decent shuteye. Not showering doesn’t make sense to me because for one, I’m extremely hot. I think it’s probably due to the excessive oil on my skin as it’s not permitting any air to flow through the pores.

Those of you think negatively of people who don’t shower every single day might want to take a second look. It turns out that for centuries people have traditionally taken one or two baths a week at best. I guess people get used to their own smells after a while to the point where nothing smells out of the ordinary.

It turns out that people who have skin issues mExperts say people who shower less frequently reap the benefits of having healthier skin.ay benefit from infrequent showers. For example, if you have eczema, most people including experts believe it is far better to not shower every single day so that you can allow the essential oils in your skin to prevent bacteria and natural healing. Furthermore, frequently washing your skin makes your body overproduce oil and it’s almost like putting your body into overdrive to protect your skin. As a matter of fact, people who shower less frequently will probably notice that the body does not produce as much oil as before. This is because the body adjusts to the lack of chemicals placed on the skin.

Experts agree that for those who were concerned with their personal hygiene below the belt, a bidet that can work wonders on an everyday basis. This means you can use that and not have to wash your legs and feet with soap every single day.

As far as I’m concerned, I love the feeling of being refreshed and clean. You can talk to me about how not taking a shower every single day benefits your skin until your blue in the face. I’m sorry but I am going to shower every single day of my life if I can!

Hey Stinky! Did you read what I just said?