Guest Post by Robert Ledoux

pokecoinsI have to admit I can’t remember when I’ve had such a great time with my little buddy! My son Kyle is 11 years old and he’s a “Pokemon Go” fanatic. Now, after a few trips around town chasing and capturing these weird-looking but cute little buggers on our iPhones, my wife has also become addicted! She now spends all her days trying to get free Pokecoins so she can buy items, get inventory upgrades and to make the Pokemon-playing life a little easier.

Pokeballs seem to be the lifeblood of the game. These are the objects you throw on top of the little monsters to capture them. My wife can occasionally load up on Poke balls without having to pay for them if she finds a few good “Pokestops.” For those of you who don’t know about this game, it may sound a little confusing. It takes a lot of work but you can get the little balls for free if you work at it and have some patience. Nobody in my family seems to have patience!

Now, back to the fun part.

It seems just about every weekend, I take my wife and kids on a wonderful weekend drive in search of “rare” Pokemons, which seem to pop up out of nowhere. My son is constantly in search of these rare critters and he uses a special iPhone app that sometimes tells him when they are nearby. Once he locates a special one, the chase around town is on!

Immediately but safely, I make a U-turn and head for the park or residential area that houses this pain-in-the-rear digital animal. One thing I never do is stay in one community too long for fear that people will call the police and report a family of 4 loitering and prowling. That would be really embarrassing because I’m a police officer! For that reason, I try to stick to public parks and beach areas.

When Kyle began playing this game, he would always run out of Pokeballs so he would hit me up for a few Pokecoins by purchasing them through the game itself. Soon thereafter, my wife caught on to this and she started buying these coins, too. It seemed we were spending more money on these Poke coins every weekend than on fuel!

I don’t mind, though. I have had the greatest time with my family with this simple yet amazing game. yes, I admit I’ve played it, too, when my wife is busy with her hands like when she’s eating a Big Mac and extra large fries, etc. Pokemon go great with Mcdonalds or Burger King, by the way. Luckily,we have enough money left over to eat because we have found a great way to get free Pokecoins.