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Does the 3 Week Diet Really Work? Here are my results

by Sandy Miller

Whether you’re a female or male, if you’ve been thinking about or trying one rapid weight loss diet after another without success, or if you’ve taken drugs such as appetite suppressants or fat burners, I’m glad you’ve reached this article because my story will probably be a pleasant surprise and quite possibly shock you.

With the information contained in this review, it is highly likely you will finally be able to control your weight and drop a few dress or pants sizes, and you’ll no doubt save a lot of money on wasted fat loss methods or programs. You will also lose your belly fat!

I’ll give you the exact details on how I struggled with my weight for 5 years after the birth of my son, how I totally quit taking assorted pills and utilizing the latest fad diets, and how I was finally able to realize my dreams of ALMOST returning to my high school figure and size using the “3 Week Diet” program. >> Click Here To See the Diet

A Little Bit About me

Hi. my name is Sandy Miller, and like many of you, I’ve had to battle weight gain all my life; it simply does not come easy to me and I hate skinny people! Just kidding. But I certainly don’t have that quick metabolism most of us wish we had, and I’ve always had to closely watch what I eat since my early teens.

I began working out in a gym at the age of 19, and I loved the feeling of being in shape. I really thought I would be in great shape forever. I would look at people who were married with kids and I would think, “Gosh, there’s no way I’m going to let myself go like that,” referring to their excess weight.

Well, I needed a reality check back then, because life happened to me, too, when I got married and had a child about 5 years ago. I gained about 55 lbs through the pregnancy, and I spent the next 5 years trying to lose the weight with no success. With my newfound responsibilities, it was extremely difficult to continue going to the gym. 

I Have Always Hated Being Frustrated

frustrated-womanI tried diet after diet, trying to lose belly fat, trying to lose thigh fat, trying to eat healthy foods, and experimenting with anything I thought would help me get started in the right direction. But I went nowhere. When the dust settled, I had gained an average of 8 lbs each of the last 5 years, and I started to wonder if I would ever get rid of this weight.

But I wasn’t giving up; I’ve always been a strong believer in never quitting, that there’s always a solution to a problem.   I inherited that trait from my dad.  

I simply had to keep looking to find something that would work for me. I tried Jenny Craig and failed miserably. A couple of my friends used it with moderate success so I tried it. It’s not a bad program, it just wasn’t the one for me. In the end, I was wasting about $135.00 a week plus the $19.99 monthly fee and getting nowhere for three months. It was at this time that I started to feel a little depressed.

I tried Nutrisystem, too. I lost over 10 pounds initially but it all came back and I gained even more. The food tasted horrible. Then, on Saturday morning, April 2, 2016, it was almost as if the Almighty himself reached down and guided me to the program that would change my life forever, I found the 3 Week Diet System while surfing the Web. It must have been "meant to be." 

I Had to Take Action

I had been researching viciously on the Web for a program, hoping to get lucky and find a weight loss program that would work. I landed on a blog review page and started reading about the 3 Week Diet. Although I was skeptical, it looked like something I could do and seemed like it had better features than other weight loss products, so decided to try it.

Besides, it came with a 60 day money back guarantee like most of the online programs, so I figured had nothing to lose. What stands out most about this fat loss diet is it works by using a method that has been under our noses as long as the world has been in existence. It's just that few people use this method. The ones who use the methods in the book are all skinny or in great shape.  

I guarantee you have been forced to use this method at some time in your life. I wish I could show you exactly what I'm talking about.   But It's not fair to reveal it out of respect for the creator of this product and for obvious legal reasons. 

Here are My Results: They Surprised Me

During the first week, the manual said I would likely lose 7-10 pounds. I cheated a little too much and dropped only 4 pounds instead of the 6 1/2 lbs I dropped during the second week. So, during the first two weeks I didn't reach my goal of at least 7 pounds per week. But still, I had lost 10 1/2 pounds. I was happy. My thigh fat had reduced considerably and my belly fat was almost all gone!


 First Week: I lost 4 pounds

Second Week: I lost 6 1/2 pounds

The most shocking part was that I did not exercise at all during this period. After the next two weeks, I was strict on the diet without cheating and lost another 12 pounds. 

The happiest part of my weight loss was that my belly fat had completely vanished!

On the 3rd week, I began walking only 20 minutes a day on Mondays, Wednesdays and Saturday mornings because of my busy and hectic schedule. I had lost 22 1/2 pounds.  The 3 Week Diet worked. I lost all the fat.

After my success, on June 4th, I rewarded myself for two straight nights. On that Saturday when I had completed my 9th week, I had half of a medium Hawaiian pizza from Domino's on the last night! OF COURSE, it was thin crust pizza. The next night on Sunday, my husband treated me to Baby Back Ribs from Outback Steakhouse. I did not eat the fries.

The results lead me to conclude that whatever problem area you may have, the diet works if you follow it. I doubt you will lose up to 23 pounds in 3 weeks as advertised but you will LOSE A LOT of weight.

I have kept the weight off now for over a month now and I have learned a whole new way of eating that I can live with and enjoy. how-to-lose-weight

But the amount of weight I lost is not why I recommend this program. I lost the weight and I felt great while doing it. Oh, I felt a little hungry here and there, but the program blows Jenny Craig and everything else I’ve tried out of the water! I’m still one size shy of my high school weight (because of my belly after the pregnancy), and I’m not sure if I want to get that skinny again or even if it's realistic. However, even if I decided to, I know I could easily lose at least 6 pounds in less than 2 weeks with this 3 Week Diet. I know how hard it is to be frustrated, looking for any fast weight loss tips that will help you lose weight quickly. I hope you found the information in this article useful and I’ll leave you with this one last personal thought; had I known the 3 Week Diet existed a few months back, I would have saved a lot of money and heartache.

>> Click Here To Visit the Official 3 Week Diet Web Site



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