I had the pleasure of working with a couple of school resource police officers in my hometown recently and came away with some interesting information I believe may be helpful for parents.

Parents always want what’s best for their kids but when they get in the way of allowing a responsible school staff to effectively discipline their child for obvious bad behavior, that becomes a problem for the parent, the school, and most of all, the child.

As a parent of two children, I couldn’t agree more. I’ve witnessed some unbelievable parental displays in schools. I have seen parents express their displeasure by yelling and screaming in the face of an administrator more than a few times in my life. I have also witnessed mothers attack other students whom they believed were bullying or hurting their children in some way or another.

However, the worst and most detrimental thing I have seen is how some parents enable to their children to continue misbehaving and even committing crimes while in school. These parents mistakenly believe they are supposed to defend their children’s behavior even when they do something horrible wrong so they don’t receive outdoor suspension.

One of the officers told me a story about how he sat across the table from a mother who stressed how that the officer conducted an improper search of her child in the presence of an administrator because a crime watch student tipped them off that her son was in possession of marijuana.

The officer took the verbal abuse for a minute and a half or so then calmly asked the student, “Do you smoke marijuana?” The student replied,”Yes.” The mother didn’t know where to hide at this point but she continued trying to blame the school system as well as the police officers for not preventing her son from falling victim to predators in schools.

Are people really this ignorant? The officer says he then asked the child how long he had been smoking marijuana and the child said he had been smoking it for the last three years. It gets better, folks. The officer says he then asked the child if he smoked
marijuana regularly while at home and his reply was “yes.”

My question is this; how in the world can a parent not know their child is smoking marijuana when the odor is so strong that the paint starts peeling off the wall with its overpowering stench?

What about his grades? Apparently, he had gone from a B student to a straight F student within the course of two years. Yet, the mother appeared at school trying to blame everybody else except herself.

Wake up, parents! If your child does something wrong in school. at some point and time, you need to support the school and allow them to discipline your child for his or her own benefit. You are fooling yourself if you believe your child can do no wrong.

Even some of the best behaSchool resource officers protect children, parents, staff members,a nd the community at large.ved children stray at some point in their lives due to peer influences or otherwise. That’s why schools have a support system in place that includes discipline. They have the best interest of the children at heart but they need parental support to help these children. It’s your job as a parent to not turn a blind eye and confront the problem head-on in order to protect your children.

Sadly, far too many parents allow their children to continue misbehaving and committing crimes while putting all the blame on someone else for their irresponsible parenting.

Do you know a parent who is an enabler?