If you are like me, you often find it difficult to figure out what the heck you are going to cook or prepare for your family on any given weeknight. I have to admit I am not the best cook I know but I do just fine when it comes to satisfying my family’s palate for the most part.

It isn’t easy to come home after a long day at work and jump right into making dinner for the family so I always have a few tricks up my sleeve where at a moment’s notice, I can get by with a simple dish that everyone can enjoy even if it’s not the most nutritious food possible!

Funny how my kids’ favorite main dishes are coincidentally the easiest to make. They are beef brisket, fried Cuban palomilla steak in a little olive oil with white rice on the side, baked spaghetti, Lasagna, chicken fingers with baked fries, chicken parmesan, and Domino’s pizza. As you can see, they love Italian-based foods.

When I am either tired or short on time, I will reach for macaroni & cheese on occasion or settle for the chicken fingers with their favorite curly fries baked in the oven. I rarely deep fry anything at home except those rare occasions when we chow down on my beer-batter dolphin fingers which beats the heck out of any fried fish I have ever tasted in any restaurant.

Domino’s or the frozen DiGiorno pizza comes to the rescue at least once every two weeks in my household and it satisfies the kids although I don’t like getting in the habit of feeding them all this extra saturated fat. Aside from that, I rarely buy my kids fast food; every two weeks or so if we are on a family outing I may splurge for a fast food lunch at Mcdonald’s, Burger King, or Wendy’s.

Family cooking does not have to be so complicated. There are many 5 ingredient dinners you can make at home in less than 30 minutes and all you have to do to get yourself rolling is to start researching on the Internet or by visiting your neighborhood book store in order to find a cookbook that suits you.

There are more easy weeknight dinner recipesPreparing easy family dinners doesn't have to be so complicated. featuring chicken breasts than you can shake a stick at if you just look for them. When I am learning a new recipe, the first thing I look for is the nutritional value as I stay away from foods with saturated fat. The most basic chicken breast dish I prepare that has my kids licking their fingers and begging for seconds is when I fry thin-sliced breasts in a little dab of olive oil and serve it with Uncle Ben’s chicken flavored ready-made rice. Of course, I season the chicken with a bit of fresh garlic, oregano, a little pepper, and a pinch of salt. I try my best to limit my family’s salt intake.