Gap is an international clothing retail store chain and there are presently more than 5,500 stores worldwide. There are many Gap job application opportunities and chances are, they are available in your area right now.

The minimum hiring age is 16 and it’s easy to apply; you simply go online, create a free profile by registering, and you can be posting your application within minutes.

A Gap application can open a world of opportunities for someone looking to get into the retail business whether they are looking for a part-time job, and entry-level position, or a professional career.

The most common job applied for at Gap is the sales associate position. With this job, you are in charge of stocking shelves, working the cash register, and any other duties which help the store achieve their daily goals of providing great customer service and maximizing revenue. A person who chooses one of these entry-level positions can expect to earn an hourly rate close to minimum wage and work their way up the ladder of success with good job performance.

For those of you who possess leadership skills with the ability to manage other workers effectively, a professional management position is the ideal choice for you at Gap. Your job as a manager carries many responsibilities including maintaining customer satisfaction, hiring and firing employees, guiding employees to successful careers, and ensuring the store’s maximum profitability. As a store manager, you can earn $50,000 to $80,000 a year and set your sights on corporate or general manager positions with even higher pay.

Another job you may want to consider with a Gap job application is an assistant manager position which will allow you to earn $30,000 – $40,000 a year. In this position you will assist the store manager with all the objectives and goals and stay on top of your employees so they can help the store maintain a positive and productive working environment.

Working at the Gap is an exciting opFill out and submit a Gap job application and get ready for an exciting ride in the retail business.portunity in a fast-paced environment and it offers competitive benefits for qualified workers as well as employee discounts. Gap also offers an excellent 401k plan where they match up to 4% of your contributions; this is high for the retail industry.

You can visit the official website to fill out a Gap job application form online. Make sure you follow up on your application.