Due to our busy work course schedules, many of us come home one day to find that we are bordering on being the king or queen of clutter in our homes. There is no need to panic! Clutter seems to have a way of creeping up on us like fast growing vines; you know it’s building itself up but you don’t do anything to stop its growth for a variety of reasons including the fact that you are tired and procrastinating putting anything away.

This doesn’t mean you can’t resolve to put an end to it once and for all. Getting rid of clutter is only half the battle. You have to figure out how you are going to keep it that way, then you have to execute and make it happen!

Things you will need are; a vacuum cleaner or broom and a dust pan, anti-bacterial cleaner and a rag, Pledge multi-surface cleaner, and Windex and a separate cloth rag for mirrors and windows.

Follow these easy steps to have a clutter free home for good:

  • Write down a plan to clean one area of your house at a time. If you try to tackle too many rooms in your house in one day, you will soon grow tired of the mundane task and throw in the towel before you have even given yourself a chance to get the job done. Take it one day at a time and spend no more than 30 minutes each day on any particular section of your house. Write out a list of the areas you will clean and cross them out one by one when you have completed them.
  • Grab a few big cardboard boxes so you can start stashing all the items you want to put away in them when the time comes. While you are at it, decide where you will place these boxes when you are finished; i.e., the attic, the garage, a closet, etc.
  • Start with your first area and methIt's easy to get rid of clutter but it's hard to maintain unless you change your old bad habits of leaving items out of place.odically pick up and place every unnecessary item in your first box until that area is spotless and free of junk all over the place. This shouldn’t take very long so when you are done, start vacuuming or sweeping, dust where you need to, and clean mirrors or windows.
  • Repeat the above sequence with every other area until you have thoroughly cleaned out each space.

Decluttering tips would not be complete if I didn’t point out how to maintain your house that way. Simply get into the mindset of never leaving anything out of its place and start putting things away instead of just leaving it there because it will pile up and you will be back to square one.