If you are considering a Dots application for this fashion retailer you are in great company. This retail chain currently operates more than 400 stores throughout the United States. It also operates a few distribution centers in Ohio and employs thousands of workers. Dots is extremely popular for those who are fashion-conscious shoppers who are looking for the best bargains. It’s also a great place for employees, too; they value hard work and pride themselves on building a fun and friendly atmosphere while maintaining a commitment to help and encourage their workers to reach their full potential.

For those of you looking for a Dots application online, you should know they accept applications in person for most positions and prefer that you fax your resume for professional openings.

Use the Dots Application PDF

The best way to apply is to print out their application here and visit the store of your choice in person. This gives you a distinct advantage over other methods of applying because you can meet and greet the management staff and make a good first impression.

The Dots application is very simple and straightforward and shouldn’t take more than a few minutes to complete. There are many different types of positions consistently available due to company growth; they range from entry-level associate jobs to professional and corporate positions.

The most common position people apply for is the associate job. To get hired for this position, you need to make a strong first impression and show off your great interpersonal skills. You don’t have to possess any sales experience but it definitely helps if you do. With this job, you will operate the cash register, mingle with and help customers achieve a great shopping experience, and you will be involved in helping with the sales process by learning how to recommend products and assist customers through your gained knowledge and experience.

A Dots job application for store manager or assistant manager is the doorway to success with this company. While assistant managers earn approximately $25,000 to $40,000 a year, store managers earn over $60,000.

The duties are standard in the indusA Dots application is perfect for those who want to enjoy a fashionably fun career.try and they include; immediate supervision of associates to ensure they are productive and happy in their work environment, hiring and firing employees, and ensuring customers are enjoying their shopping experience at the store.

Of course, there are many other job opportunities through a Dots application and your best bet is to visit their official website to check out current listings or even better yet, create a free profile on job search engines such as beyond.com or job.com.