As a result of the latest medical research on obesity tied to children, some genius came up with the conclusion that if you serve food to a child on a smaller plate, the child will eat less. It took tens of thousands of dollars for this study to find that out?

In the United States, roughly one-third of all kids from the age of 2 to 18 are overweight and many are obese. This has been cause to be concerned for quite some time now as our diets have fallen victim to the majority of foods on the market being over-processed and unhealthy.

The recent study found that children who were allowed to use adult-sized plates and foods consistently served themselves too much food which in turn, caused them to consume 50% more calories than they should have had.

I have been combatting the large plate epidemic in my household for a while now by using smaller plastic plates for almost every meal my children eat at home. I believe it works magnificently! The only time my kids eat out of a regular plate is when we have a special dinner or if we have friends and/or family over.

The interesting part of the study was not the revelation about the plate size; it had to do with how scientists found a connection between teenagers having a higher body weight in relation to their size when they ate while watching television. Teens who were eating while using the computer or playing video games did not experience the same weight gain as those watching T.V.

Scientists also believe the BodHealthy weight for kids starts with the parents having a firm grasp on their children's life habits.y Mass Index for children is increased when they are sleep deprived because of the hunger hormone released as a result. They go on to explain how increasing your child’s sleep from 7.5 hours a day to 10 hours can significantly reduce their body weight over time. My kids sleep at least 9.5 hours every weekday and over 10 hours on the weekend and they are both at their desired weight with very little fat on their bodies.

If you want a quick primer on how to help kids lose weight it’s clear you should stick to the following basics:

  • Serve them foods in a smaller plate
  • Make sure he or she gets 10 hours of sleep a day
  • Not let them watch TV while eating