Tonight I took the family to see ‘The Croods’ in 3D at a Regal Cinemas theater in the Southland Mall in Cutler Ridge, FL and came away extremely disappointed. It had nothing to do with the movie; I thought the movie was outstanding! The problem I had was with the food.

Movie theater popcorn has never tasted this bad. I bought myself a large tub and took about twenty bites before the overabundance of salt started to overpower the experience. It’s painfully obvious what they are doing here. They coat the popcorn with a specific salt mix to make people extremely thirsty so it can encourage them to buy more soft drinks during their movie outings. More soft drinks purchased equals more revenue for the theater. This has been going on for years at movie theaters but never before has my popcorn tasted this bad.

This theater from Regal Cinemas should be ashamed of themselves for being this cruel. Imagine a person with borderline high blood pressure trying to enjoy a movie with his or her family and coming away with ten points added to their systolic and diastolic blood pressure. A person with a reading of 140/90 can easily come away with a dangerously high reading of 150/100. In my opinion, it’s only a matter of time before someone civilly sues one of these movie theater companies after their loved one dies of a heart attack or stroke after watching one of their favorite movies and chowing on their highly salted popcorn!

Needless to say, I bought a large Diet Coke witThe salt content in today's movie theater popcorn is unbelievably high.h my popcorn and sucked it down entirely within the first 30 minutes. We’re talking about 48 ounces here! When I was done with the Coke, I was still extremely thirsty. Luckily, my wife had half of her large water bottle left and that was my saving grace.

I couldn’t help but think outside the box and figure out a popcorn strategy for the next visit. I can tell you this; there is no way I will eat that movie popcorn ever again at that specific theater. The next time, I’m simply going to smuggle in my own little bag of home-popped popcorn and keep it in two large Ziploc bags inside my cargo pockets. I’ll take that chance; it’s better than eating 10,000 milligrams of salt at one sitting and having a freaking stroke!