It’s understandable how many people are pressed for time and find it difficult to visit a gym and workout every single day. You know the old saying about how there’s no excuse and you need to find time to be able to exercise.

However, the reality is; the combination of our daily stressors as well as the time constraints put on by enormous responsibilities oftentimes leads us on a path where we have no motivation because we’re simply so tired to visit a gym and work out at the end of the day.

Can You Build Muscle Without Weights

If you want to learn how to build muscles without weights at home and get into a great little training program, make sure you clear it through your physician if necessary and here are some valuable tips:

1. Recent studies show that people who work out 30 minutes versus those who work out one hour a day actually make more progress. Scientist believe this may have to do with several reasons including the fact that it’s easier to stay motivated and consistent with a 30 minute schedule every day.

2. You can split your routine into two different sections; cardiovascular training and muscle training. For example, on Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday you will be working your cardiovascular system for just 30 minutes. You can do this at home by either walking, riding your bicycle, jumping rope, or even
playing one of your favorite high-intensity exercises on your Nintendo WII!

On Tuesdays and Fridays, you would be able to work in your muscle training. The reason you want to space out your muscle training is to give your body ample time to recover from the previous muscle building workout. You can also play with the days and perhaps workout your muscles on Monday and Friday, etc.

3. Here are the exercises you would be able to use at home without any weights whatsoever:

Push-ups – everybody kLearn how to build muscle without weights at home.nows how to do these but if you have trouble maintaining your entire body weight then you can actually do knee push-ups where instead of supporting your weight with your feet you can drop back down to your knees for less resistance. This would be perfect for those of you who are little bit heavier to begin with and with time, you will be able to build up more resistance and get off your knees!

Push-ups will work your chest directly and your arms and back muscles to a lesser degree. Still, even if you are a beginner, after a few weeks you will start to notice a distinct pump of muscles in your chest as well as your arms and back.

If you are someone who has a history of working out with weights you will definitely feel a nice pump in your muscles and you may be surprised at how quickly your body transforms, even after a long layoff.

Squats – the next group of muscles you want to target are your quads and hamstrings.

For your quads and hamstrings, you can perform squats with just your body weight. For this exercise you will stand with your legs slightly wider than shoulder width apart and squat down to a 90° position before coming back up to the starting position. This means your quad muscles will be parallel to the floor not move further down than a 90° position. The reason is; it puts too much stress on your knees if you go down too far.

The next exercise will work your abdominals.

For abdominals you can mix crunches with leg lifts. The crunches will work your upper and middle abs and the leg lifts will work your lower abs.

For crunches, you can place your hands behind your head, lift up your knees or simply bend your knees with your feet flat on the floor, and come up curling your body.

For leg lifts, all you have to do is lie flat on the floor and perform reps where you lift your legs up 6 inches from the floor.

To round out your muscle building at home, you can perform plank
exercises to strengthen your core muscles.

For this exercise, you will be in a face down position supporting your weight with your elbows and forearms as well as your feet. Practice maintaining this position for 10 seconds and build up to 1 to 2 minutes.

The purpose of this article is to show the fastest way to build muscle without weights but if you want to add a little more variety to your work out as well as increasing the amount of resistance on your arms, you can definitely use a set of dumbbells to help you do some curls for biceps as well as arm extensions for triceps.

Lastly, you need to figure out how many sets and repetitions you will perform with these muscle exercises at home. I recommend starting out with one set of 12 repetitions and work your way up to 4 sets for each exercise if you want to maintain the 30 minute a day rule.