You may have been looking for the latest “how to clean room” article in order to help you get out of that mess you always seem to get yourself in when it comes to keeping your room in order.  You constantly wonder, “How did I let it get this out of hand?” The truth is, life as a daily workhorse can be so stressful it can cause you to routinely leave items in the wrong place instead of putting them away, if you are not careful.

Learning how to clean a messy room quickly is not complicated at all. The hardest part is training yourself to keep it that way so you don’t have to continually waste your time when you come home from a long day’s work.

A bedroom says a lot about a person; it shows how clean the person is and whether or not they are organized. A person who has a messy room all the time usually has a messy car as well. Go figure.

Many families miss out on so much quality time with their relatives and friends because they can’t keep their house clean; they constantly make excuses so they can avoid having people come over to see how messy they are.  This doesn’t have to happen to you because you because you are about to lay your eyes on the quickest way to SpotlessVille!

Here are three steps to cleaning your room so you’re not embarrassed when your mother drops by:

1. Start by making your bed. You may be wondering how in the world a made-up bed is going to help you clean your room. Stick with me, it gets better. If you get in the habit of making your bed upon awakening you will have less problems keeping your room clean in the long run because it always give you a psychological lift and inspire you to place items back in their proper place.  It also leads you to step 2 which contains the start of the meat and potatoes of this “clean your room in the shortest amount of time nugget of information.”

2. Place all the items which are out of Learning how to clean your messy room is not complicated at onto the bed. Start with the floor. Pick up all that clean and dirty clothes (we all know you have no idea which ones are dirty and which ones are  clean), grab all those store receipts off your dressers, pocket your loose change, and make sure you leave no stone unturned and nothing behind. Now you are ready for step three.

3.  Start placing each item in its rightful place. This may seem a little overwhelming at first with so many items on your bed, but you will get to the promised land pretty soon. Even if it takes one item at a time, you will eventually get to the point where everything is back where it should be and your room is spotless and ready to be vacuumed or swept. Finish it off by dusting your furniture and cleaning the windows and mirrors. Did I mention you may want to listen to your favorite tunes while doing this?

Now that you know the secret on how to clean a messy room quickly and efficiently, I hope it doesn’t inspire you to start the mess all over again just so you can refer back to this article and practice your newfound skill!