If you tend to “fly off the handle,” you can learn how to control your temper by learning a few simple techniques.

Dig this; the following scenario plays itself out every single day; one motorist cuts another one off, they both take it personally, and a barbaric battle ensues. People on the outside looking in regard both of these people as idiots and ask themselves, “Is this really necessary?” while both continue jabbing at each other, shooting birdies, and oftentimes getting out of their vehicles and coming to blows in the middle of rush hour!

What’s the worst that can happen? Do these people ever stop to think that the juice may not be worth the squeeze in these cases? What if the other person has a gun and starts shooting? When anger reaches a certain point where you can’t control it, you lose all rationality.

Yet, many people don’t have the slightest idea of how to control temper in the face of difficult and trying situations and this gets them in trouble almost all the time. Many don’t even want to know, thinking their behavior is perfectly acceptable.

Anger is not a bad thing. Uncontrollable anger is!

The basics of how to control your temper begin with staying positively focused and managing your stress levels, and learning how to control anger signals. When you combine stress with a short temper, it can lead to disastrous results. Luckily, there is a way to reduce both at the same time.

How to Control Temper in 3 Steps

Here are three important ways on how to control your anger so you can come out looking like a winner in the face of being provoked:

1. Get into the habit of believing that life throws unexpected challenges your way and that you need to remain in total control of yourself to deal with these difficulties. Start thinking how any offensive act towards you will not cause you to lose your focus on positivity. Learning how to control your temper starts with understanding you can’t control other people’s actions. They are going to be knuckleheads and it’s up to you to stay in control.

For example, you may be in a club or bar having a great night out with your friends or family members and have some idiot directing insults at you for whatever reason. Instead of wheeling around and decking this person and possibly ending up in jail , if you focus on continuing to enjoy your night out without letting anything affect you in a negative manner, you’ll have a much easier time controlling your anger and avoiding the problem altogether. Cool heads always prevail and you will be able to resume the great time you are having while the other person eventually leaves to go try to make somebody else miserable.

2. Accept the fact that you cannot always control the way another person acts or behaves toward you. For example, you may find yourself¬† in a situation where you have a child who appears out of control and refuses to cooperate with you no matter how you try to discipline him or her. If you focus on a solution instead of the negative emotions, you’ll remain in control of yourself and eventually figure out a way to correct this type of behavior.

If you become extremely angry and stoop down to their level by yelling and screaming, you will have lost total control of yourself and you will be back to square one while your child continues to learn how to push your buttons, and you will have a very difficult time learning how to control your temper!

3. Make time for exercLearn how to control your temper and win every time.ise in order to help reduce your stress level. While you’re at it, try to get plenty of rest and eat healthy foods. By maintaining a healthy lifestyle, you will be able to reduce the chances of producing prolonged cortisol secretion which has the potential to cause chronic stress.

The following factors have also been shown to reduce cortisol levels; omega-3 fatty acids, music therapy, massage therapy, black tea, laughing, and magnesium supplements.

It is perfectly normal to feel and express anger. However, when anger starts to get out of control, it can severely and negatively impact your health and relationships.

Speaking from personal experience, I have learned how to control anger very well throughout the years. The best way to describe how I have done it is; I have learned to control it through positive thinking and it will never control me again.