Whether you are switching careers, just graduating college, or if you are in any other position where you’re trying to get hired quickly as possible, you need a little bit of preparation and plenty of motivation to get the job you want.

Recently, we have all heard the unemployment rate has actually dropped substantially over the last year. Only 8% of Americans are unemployed and that figure will probably continue to drop throughout the next few months. This means it’s your turn to get a piece of the pie right now if you are looking for employment.

How in the world can you get from point A to point Z in record time? By following these proven steps, that’s how!

1. Get your tools ready. You’re going to need either a desktop computer, a laptop, or any other gadget that can connect you to the Internet. Find at least one or two outfits you can wear to every interview and contact meetings. If you are going after a professional position, you have to wear professional attire. If you are looking for an entry-level position, your clothing generally does not have to be as formal. The rule of thumb is; dress yourself the way your chosen industry expects job applicants to dress themselves.

2. Make a plan of attack. Here, you’re going to have to figure out how much time you have available every single day to make it your job to become employed. The absolute quickest way to find a job is to treat finding a job your eight hour, 9-to-5 shift every Monday through Friday. Of course, you’ll be working for less than peanuts; you’re actually working for free! Relax – that’s going to change soon!

4. Register for free on Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin, and start hobnobbing and becoming friendly with as many people as possible. Facebook has a new social jobs app that can help you land a job in your area and Twitter and LinkedIn are well-known for creating opportunities. For more in-depth explanation of how to use each of these social networks to find jobs, you can easily conduct a Google search and learn the basics for free.

5. Start applying to companies. You are going to start receiving a whole slew of opportunities through social media and if you would like to take the quickest route, I suggest you use a job search engine to help you find all the available jobs in your area. After you create a free account with this company, you can start applying and attaching your resume and wait for the call backs for interviews.

6. Send a thank you letter and follow up. Makes sure you show your appreciation by sending a letter of thanks to the company and person you spoke with during the interview. Follow up on your job application by visiting the company representative or hiring manager in person at least once. People can easily avoid you over the phone and by making contact in person one to two weeks after the interview to check on the status of your application, you show them a willingness to work and a desire to be employed with their company. Dress well and reintroduce yourself, and let them know you will follow up in a week or so. Thank them once again for their time.

If you apply to 5-10 companies every week and repeat this process with every company you come into contact with, you will place yourself in a favorable position to get hired quicker than you can say, “I’m still unemployed!”