Help me! My car keys are missing. How many times haven’t we either thought of this or heard a loved one say the same thing. Losing your car keys is something that’s bound to happen even to the most responsible and organized people on the planet. Some people lose them for days; others, for only a short while before they have that aha moment and say, “I remember where they are,” after retracing their steps.

It’s easy to imagine how many people are late to work on a daily basis in the United States because they can’t find their car keys. Just think of how much money this costs companies across the U.S. as people show up to work late and miss out on being productive.

Luckily, here are some excellent tips on how to find your keys after you have misplaced or lost them:

  1. Try your best to picture the last time you saw your car keys. If you need help with this, ask your family members; oftentimes they will tell you it was in a certain place and it can trigger your memory.
  2. If you can’t remember at all where you saw them last, it’s time to systematically check each and every room one at a time from top to bottom, always remembering to start in the most likely area where you have left your keys in the past. It’s extremely easy to come home stressed from work and suffer a brain cramp and leave your keys anywhere while you are thinking of something else at the time. By playing your odds right and starting with the most likely area in which you may have misplaced your keys, you can dramatically improve your odds of finding them quickly.
  3. Get your spare keys and search your car; you may have left them there or dropped them.
  4. Check all the clothes you believe you have worn during the time you misplaced your keys.
  5. I couldn’t leave this one out; search through your trash as a last resort!


Here’s how to make sure you don’t misplace your car keys ever again:

  • Buy a “key finder” which can serve as a remote control locator and find your keys easily every single time you misplace them. Cell phones such as the Android or iPhone have apps you can buy or get for free that can help you eliminate misplacing your keys. as an example, Hone makes an app for the iPhone which is very useful.
  • Use a red-colored key chain so you can always havHone makes a neat little contraption that helps you find your car keys at will.e an easier time finding your keys.
  • Purchase a key hanger for everyone in your household to use and place it in a conspicuous and convenient area so it’s easy for you to place your keys on it every time you come home. A decent one will cost you 10-20 dollars, tops! I have one in the kitchen and it works fine. Some folks prefer a fancy key hanger near the front door or foyer in their home.
  • Make it a habit to always keep your keys in your pockets while at work if you are a male and if you are a female, keep it in your pockets or your purse. The point is; get in the habit of being consistent so that after time, it becomes automatic for you to know exactly where your car keys are located.