So, you’ve made a mistake, and this time, it’s a pretty big one. So huge, in fact, that you wonder if this person will ever be able to trust you ever again. This is where you have to be a strong believer in the words “never say never.”

You may be in a serious romantic relationship where you have hurt your partner either through miscommunication or misunderstanding, false expectations of dating him or her exclusively, or something extremely serious such as cheating. You may be able to win your girl or guy back but you have to know what you are doing. You may be someone who has betrayed a friend because you unexpectedly found yourself in a difficult situation only to hand that person up on a silver platter.

Trust in Relationships Should Be a High Priority

Regardless, it is possible to gain trust back but it may take longer than you expected. You should also accept how the person you hurt may never be able to look at you in the same way as before and he or she will always have a hint of doubt in the back of their mind. If the relationship is able to survive, you had better place a higher priority on maintaining trust between the both of you or your friendship will start to sink again.

Everyone makes mistakes but if you have made a few mistakes which have betrayed someone you have to understand there is a possibility you have absolutely zero chance to get things back the way they used to be.

Even so, here’s how to gain trust back in a relationship even if you think you have a better chance to win the Powerball:

1. Don’t make excuses. Figure out the reason for your actions and explain what happened without trying to justify the motive for your actions. Don’t say I did this or that but I was only trying to….., etc.

2. Don’t blame anybody but yourself. You will not be able to start the healing process until you accept full responsibility for your actions. It’s OK to tell yourself “nobody’s perfect.” It’s not OK to say you did what you did because nobody’s perfect because it implies to the other person that you may do your misdeed again.

3. Accept the fact that you may not be You can gain trust back in a relationship but you have to be to fix what is already broken. You have to come to terms with the fact that you may have hurt another person so badly that there may be no going back in trying to make amends. Every situation is different but don’t try to repair a relationship with false expectations or unfair demands.

4. Sincerely apologize for what you did. Don’t pressure someone into forgiving you for your actions. Instead, let them know you understand they may need more time to think about it.

5. Give the person some space. Don’t crowd the person and appear as if you are needy, especially in a romantic relationship. Let them ultimately make the decision as to whether or not you have changed your ways and show that you will, only by your actions.

6. Be patient. If the person wants to forgive and put the incident or situation behind both of you, wait until he or she makes that decision. Don’t pester them into deciding whether or not your relationship is salvageable.

The best part of gaining trust back in a relationship is how we as humans, are generally willing to forgive and forget so we can move forward. Oftentimes, relationships are actually strengthened after surviving a storm! This doesn’t mean you should take a chance on betraying someone so you can apologize and strengthen your bond!