Have you stopped to think about what you look like to other people when you’re having a conversation, making a presentation, pitching an idea, or during an interview? Imagine if you could boost your confidence level to the point where you could transform your body language to make it appear as if you were in total control of any situation. It surely can be done! Get: 4 Confidence Secrets by Swami Vivekananda, here.

The manner in which you carry yourself tells people exactly what they need to know to form an opinion of you in an effort to determine the type of person you are. For example, if you tend to hunch your back and walk without a purpose, some people may perceive you as being unconfident.

By contrast, if you walk through the halls of your workplace as if you own the building, some people might think you are excessively arrogant but they will certainly perceive you as somebody who is completely confident.

The old saying “fake it if you must” holds true when you need to confront a challenge head on and come out on top. You can learn how to boost your confidence level make yourself appear far more confident than you really are with a few tips and techniques. The best part is you can really start to feel more confident in time through a little bit of training.

Here’s what you can do to boost confidence level quickly:

1. Take an honest inventory of your postuYou can boost your confidence level with a few tried and true techniques.re. Stand in front of the mirror and look at yourself in a normal state. If you need to involve the help of  a loved one, ask this person what it is about you that makes you come across as being someone who needs a confidence boost.

Do you look relaxed or nervous and tense? Ask yourself if your posture is straight or if you are hunched over with your shoulders coming forward. Get your hands out of your pockets and if you need to place them somewhere, put them firmly on your hips!

Once you find a comfortable pose that exudes confidence, practice keeping that posture. In time, you will be able to boost your confidence level and your pose will become second nature. You can also start working on other ways to appear confident with your body language.

2. Get into the habit of speaking up. Shy people usually speak at a very low volume or they don’t speak at all. Confident people stand up and aren’t afraid to speak their minds. Just don’t become overbearing when you are sounding off or you’ll risk appearing as if you were an arrogant, drama-filled king or queen!

How many times haven’t you said hello to someone while passing them in the hall only to see them nod their head or mutter quietly, “How ya’ doin’?”  The first impression we get from people who are so reserved and quiet is that they are not confident and they possibly have a bad inferiority complex or a few hang ups! If you don’t speak up, that’s exactly how people will perceive you; as someone they feel sorry for!

From this moment on, don’t be afraid to raise your voice and be heard. If someone says hello in the elevator, don’t be afraid to say hello back in an audible and firm tone. Say something nice and funny such as, “I hate elevators because I’ve watched too many television shows where the cables snap! I’d hold on to your hand or your jacket for comfort as we’re going down but you’re a complete stranger.” Maybe that’s a bit too much but you get the idea!

The most confident people on this planet know when and where to inject humor and they aren’t afraid of looking like fools every now and then. If you want to boost your confidence level, you have to be able to laugh at yourself.

3, Always make eye contact with someone who addresses you. People who are shy and unconfident avoid eye contact like the plague because they are afraid of being rejected or ridiculed for their appearance, among a few other reasons.

Why are you avoiding eye contact? Are you simply having a bad day and you don’t want to engage in a conversation with someone you are attracted to? Or are you truly avoiding the person due to your insecurities about your appearance?

First things first; accept and be proud of your God-given appearance. Always try to look your best unless it’s 2AM on your way to the fridge for late-night munchies.

Then, dig down deep and tell yourself you will always face life’s challenges head-on even if that challenge happens to be a small one such as standing straight up and firmly shaking someone’s hand hello while looking directly into his or her eyes!