Once a girl reaches her teens, her social life begins to expand and she usually becomes more independent than she has ever been. This is a good thing; many parents embrace the time when their daughters are able to do more things on their own because it benefits the child and it takes much of the stress off of them.

Generally, teenage daughters are much more comfortable talking about private topics with their mothers than their fathers. This is due in large part to girls simply wanting someone at their side who understands that. It is extremely important to be very supportive as a parent during this time. After all, your daughter, at this stage of the game, is blossoming into a young lady. She’s faced with many challenges physically and mentally and all you have to do is keep an open line of communication as well as a strong bond to help her find her way.

How to Deal With a Difficult Teenage Daughter

During the teenage years, it’s fairly common for a daughter to become involved in a quarrel with a parent. Accept the fact that your teenager is starting to think much more on her own and is expressing her opinion like never before.

Saying the words, “Because I say so,” to a teenage daughter is no longer a valid response in itself and will probably only lead to resentment. No matter what you’re discussing, whenever there is a disagreement, you can calmly take her aside, listen to what she has to say and explain to her why you’ve made a certain decision. Yelling at her will cause her to lose respect for you and she will begin to shut down all communication. Sometimes, she will not understand but that’s a part of life!

Adults make plenty of mistakes, so what makes you think your daughter is not going to make a whole bunch of them, too? It’s important not to be overly critical or angry when your daughter does something wrong. If you have to discipline her in the form of some type of punishment, then so be it.

However, parenting a teenage girl effectiThere is no perfect how-to manual on how to parent a teenage daughter.vely requires you to stress to her the importance of understanding that she is going to make a mistake every now and then because it’s part of the process. The last thing you want on your plate is a kid who is afraid to make mistakes because she’s immediately going to have her parent yelling at her in her left ear. When a teenage daughter is constantly belittled and scolded she can develop some serious self-esteem issues where she may end up being afraid to do anything, fearing the disapproval of her parents. The important thing to teach your child here is to beware of making big mistakes that can cost them!

Take time to listen to your teenage daughter. She has an opinion, too. Make her feel appreciated and that her opinion is important to you. If you have a different viewpoint, then discuss it with her intelligently. This can help give her the tools she needs to think for herself and express her own opinions.

Who Is Your Daughter Hanging Out With?

Be aware of where she is and who she is with all times. As a teenage girl approaches adulthood, she’s going to try to ask you for more freedom in the form of hanging out with her friends at the mall, etc.

Many parents drop the ball on this one and often times allow their daughter to hang out with whomever. This is a huge mistake. She may be influenced by one person in the group who sways her into taking drugs or engaging in some type of illicit activity. The way you can prevent this is by continuing to keep those open lines of communication and keep the parental bond strong. Children who
are emotionally close to their parents are less likely to engage in taking drugs or committing crimes.

Successfully parenting teenagers can be one of the biggest challenges you will ever face but certainly one of the most rewarding achievements you’ll ever enjoy as well.