All you married men in the house say, “Yeah!” A chorus of “yeahs” is heard. All you married men who love your wives say, “Yeah,” and again, you hear a chorus of yeahs and a few distant hisses. Those of you men who are married and have treated your wife in a romantic way within the last three months say, “Alright.” Suddenly, you hear crickets chirping. What was that all about?

We men have a tendency to become complacent once we feel safe in our relationships with our wives. The only consolation is that it works the other way around, too. Women react the same way when they know they have a safe haven and feel secure in their lives.  However, someone’s gotta’ make a move, right? Are you going to sit back and continue eating popcorn and Goobers every night in your unsexy foot warmer shoes while you watch your favorite TV programs or are you going to try your best to spark the romantic flame that has somehow flickered and disappeared?

If you can learn how to romance your wife you will be far ahead of the game compared to 90% of all married men out there, which means your wife will be receiving an elite class of treatment from her significant other. You don’t really need to buy a ‘Romance For Dummies’ book to get ideas on how to relight the candle in her heart. In theory, romancing a woman is not difficult at all when it comes straight from the heart, so here’s what you can do to prepare for tonight or any day of the week:

  • Resolve to start doing those ‘little things’ to get her attention and to show her how you still have a fire burning in your heart, just for her!
  • Call her at least two times during your workday to tell her you have been thinking about her. If you want, you can tell her you were just remembering the night both of you made passionate love in the moonlight in the back seat of your 1981 Toyota Corolla and a cop walked up with a flashlight! You get the point? Yes, this is the setup part so you can build a little momentum in your favor for later.
  • Stop by Walmart or Macy’s during your lunch hour and get a few dinner candles if you don’t already have some, and get a bottle of your favorite wine at the supermarket. If you don’t have a favorite wine, visit your local liquor store and ask them to help you choose an inexpensive but good wine; there are tons of them out there so this should be easy!
  • Get her at least a dozen red roses while you are at the supermarket and a Hallmark card from Walgreens or CVS.
  • Order takeout at your favorite restaurant (doeYou don't have to be a genius to learn how to romance your’t have to be fancy) and pick it up on the way home and write a sexy message on the card while you are waiting for your order.
  • When you walk through the door, walk up to her and resist giving her a lovy-dubby smooch! Instead look her in the eyes, give her the flowers and the card, and tell her how in love you are with her. At this point she’s either going to look you in the eyes and ask, “What did you do wrong?” or “What in the world has come over you?” It doesn’t matter. Reassure her that you were thinking about her all day and wanted to make this night special for no reason in particular, “just because.” Then, give her a soft, loving kiss on the lips.
  • Set up the dinner table with the dinner candles and place the flowers in a vase and place those nearby. Break out the bottle of wine and decide if you are going to both shower before dinner and if you are, shower together! Make sure you lock the bedroom and bathroom door if you have kids but make sure they are safe.
  • If you have kids, get dressed and feed them first. Let them know you and their mom are going to have a special dinner and they need to go their rooms and do their homework or chores while you are both spending time together alone.
  • Dim the lights and work some magic. She will love you for it!