The holidays are just around the corner and there is no doubt many people are trying to look for ways to learn how to save money for Christmas during the holidays. With up to 70% of the US living paycheck to paycheck these days, it’s easy to see why many people could have a “Charlie Brown Christmas” this year if they don’t sock away at least a little bit of spare change.

Depending on your financial situation and how much income you have versus your expenditures, you can set a realistic goal to save just in time for Santa. For example, a family whose bills and expenses total $3,100/month and brings in $3,400 net income (after taxes) can set a target of saving $600 in two months.

Ways to Help Save Money For the Holidays

Here’s  how to save money for Christmas:

1. Start using weekly ads for your retail purchases. According to, an average family of four can save approximately 30% to 40% off their groceries and toiletries by doing so. instead of using tedious coupons, all you have to do is visit the retail store online, look at their weekly ads,  build a shopping list based on those weeklies  and add basic items you normally buy such as milk, eggs, etc. Not every product you buy will be a special deal but a good 30-40% of them will be. Keep in mind you are going to have to choose different brand names occasionally for the items you choose in order to get the special deals. There are many supermarkets offering buy one get one free offers so if you can find one of these, it’s a major plus!

End Result – National average grocery and toiletry bill for a family of 4 is $600. Total savings for the 8 weeks before the holidays equal approximately $420 (600 x 2 months x 35% in savings).

2. Save $20 every week for the next eight weeks. One of the best ways to help save money for the holidays is to make it a habit to put away a measly 20 bucks every week under your mattress, a safe, or a separate savings account not to be touched and you will have another $160 by the end of that eight week period. If it is a little difficult to save this much because of your budget, offset the cost by brown-bagging your lunch every day instead of eating out or having expensive coffee at your favorite restaurants and coffee shops. If you are looking for an obvious way to learn how  how to save money for Christmas, socking away these 20 bucks that you won’t even miss is a great idea.

3. Dust off your old piggy bank and place your coins in there daily. Even if you are only able to save .35 cents a day, that’s another $21 (60 x .35).

Total savings = $601. Okay, so we went over by one dollar!

Although $601 is not a substantial amount of money, it will definitely help you at Christmas time. The kicker here is; imagine using this same method throughout the year using the above financial example (12 months x 600 = $7,212!). Wow!