Ladies, you have all heard the same old words before from a man; “you are the one for me,” “I am committed to you,” and “you have nothing to worry about.”

There really are some men who can be ultra-committed to you and make you sincerely feel like you are the only woman that exists in their lives but on the other hand, there seems to be one shark for every noble fish in the sea.

So, how do you spot a womanizer in a crowded sea bed of beautifully colored fish and spiny sea urchins?

First, let’s talk about the definition of “womanizer.” Everybody has a slightly different take on what they believe a womanizer is, but it’s safe to say this type of man is one who is only after casual affairs with women with no strings attached and one who refuses to emotionally or physically commit to one woman.

Is it morally wrong to be a womanizer? At first thought, it’s hard to say.  I believe people should be free to do whatever they please and let’s face it; many women could care less if a guy is a womanizer because they themselves are playing the field recklessly, too! On the other hand, men and women who cheat and string people along are causing them plenty of harm, both emotionally and physically. I guess the answer is clear; it’s morally wrong!

However, for those of you who are into more fulfilling relationships, it’s important to develop the ability to know how to spot a womanizer so you can avoid him and hold onto your heart before he rips it out of your chest!

How to Recognize a Womanizer Quickly Before You Become Involved

One dead giveaway is a man who seems overly charming. It’s one thing to be someone who appears physically and mentally irresistable, personable, funny, and smart but it’s another to carry on as if they own the entire room and they could have any woman they want. Does the word “player” come to mind?

If you find yourself so unbelievably attracted to this man upon first contact, you don’t have to necessarily run for the hills but you do have to be cautious for he may be about to sink his shark teeth right into your soul and you may not be able to resist and let go of him!

Another indication is his lack of sincerity. Does he come across as being superficial during conversation? Does he appear to be playing mind games with you? Does he ask about you and does he listen to what you have to say? Smooth talking men can get their way a high percentage of the time, so don’t fall victim to the fake sweet talk that can make the smartest woman go forth with blinders on! Oh, and do I need to tell you; womanizers are some of the best LIARS out there.

Advanced Womanizing

Once you are in a relationship, you expect commitment from your partner but the truth and reality is; not every man can commit to one woman.

Oftentimes, this starts early in their childhood as they watch and learn from their fathers whom are also philanderers. When boys grow up watching their fathers repeatedly cheat on their moms how do you really expect these boys to grow up and conduct themselves? Exactly; the same way their fathers did. However, that’s not to say that some men can’t break the cycle and free themselves from the harsh memory of their fathers’ misgivings.

A great and possibly the best simple way to tell if your supposed significant other is a womanizer is to do two things;

  1. Follow your gut/instincts.
  2. Take into account the type of parental influences they had.

For example, you don’t want to be paranoid that your boyfriend is cheating on you just because your previous relationship left you feeling as if all men are cheaters. Believe me, there are many men in the world today who are completely faithful and who have no respect at all for men who cheat and some of these cheaters happen to be their friends!

Find out about his parental influences. Ask him about his father and mother early on in the relationship. Most men will flat out tell you from the get-go how their father was a two-timer until their mother told their father it was time to take his two-timing ways straight out of the house and into court for a divorce.

If you have a gut feeling something is going on with your man’s extra-curricular activities due to certain reasons such as cancelling dates at the last minute, not knowing his whereabouts, finding out from a friend that he was spotted with someone else, you can best believe it’s time to play it smart and start figuring out the truth without going crazy.

You see, if he is cheating on you because he is a womanizer, you will lose by staying with him in the long run, anyway. With that said, it now becomes a matter of putting all the pieces together before you confront him in a positive manner. You really have nothing to lose! He either is or isn’t cheating and you do not need to build a life around a dishonest person who runs around on you.

Learn how to spot a womanizer through experience and by looking at all the cues and you will minimize the chance of falling prey to the most ruthless shark of them all.