Gynecomastia is the abnormal development of mammary glands in males that results in their breasts becoming large.

One of the most common causes of this condition is the transfer of estrogen from the mother to the male child in the womb.The chest gets slightly swollen but for most children, the condition disappears well they’re still in the womb within a few weeks. Another common cause is having excess weight during a male’s pubescent years.

It is also so common during puberty that, in fact, with boys from the age of 12 to 18, roughly 30% of boys suffer from gynecomastia at some point or another. Anabolic steroids have also been known to cause gynecomastia.

Interestingly enough, roughly 30% of males between the age of 12 to 18 develop gynecomastia during their teen years. It is usually temporary and goes away and is often times attributed to excess weight.

There are different types of gynecomastia causing excess breast tissue, too much fat in the area, excess skin, and a combination of all three. It is extremely important to have a physician to determine the type of gynecomastia you have before proceeding with treatment.

The first and most obvious way to treat gynecomastia, if it is due to excessive weight, is to get into a weight loss regimen. This embarrassing condition should be motivation enough for the average person to start getting more serious about losing weight.

Performing chest exercises with weight resistance is another way to minimize the appearance of gynecomastia. Exercises such as the bench press, dips, pull-overs, and simple push-ups can work wonders for your appearance.

There are certain medications tLearn how to treat gynecomastia at home and consider visiting and discussing your condition with your physician.hat are used to treat this condition by correcting the hormonal imbalance associated with it. There are also herbal supplements you can use but you need to consult with your physician before even attempting to use those.

If your treatment for gynecomastia is unsuccessful doing it the natural way, you may have to opt for surgery. Liposuction as well as removing the breast gland tissues are the most common surgeries performed for this condition. It’s rather expensive however; it can cost between $3000 – $8000 to get the condition corrected. It also takes 6 to 8 weeks to completely heal.

Treating gynecomastia is simple and straightforward and there’s no reason why any man should have to live with his condition. Consult with your physician and find out the right course of action for yourself.