Have you noticed any strange dimples starting to appear mainly on your hips and legs? Have those once-awesome-looking smooth legs that used to stop a man dead in his tracks started to look more like the surface of an orange peel? If the answer is yes, you probably know what it is but have you wondered if your cellulite is due to genetics? Furthermore, are you wondering whether or not the cellulite appearance on your body is permanent or temporary?

Many scientists will agree that sometimes cellulite is passed down through genetics but there is more to it than that; just because a mother has cellulite does not mean her daughters will have the same condition. There are many other factors which can contribute to having cellulite including how your body fat is distributed, your skin thickness, and your age. Also, something interesting to know is that although you normally see and hear women complain about this unfortunate condition, approximately 10% of the male population also suffers from cellulite.

Getting a deep tissue massage works wonders for many cellulite sufferers and is great for stress reduction, too! Of course, you are probably thinking, “Of course I need a massage because I am going to be stressed out just dealing with the cellulite,” but seriously, this method can increase circulation and reduce the fatty deposits in your body so that the dimples become far less visible.

What does this all mean, anyway? Is cellulite forever going to affect you or is there something you can do to improve or even eliminate it?

Luckily, there are cellulite treatments that work and many ways to significantly reduce or eliminate their appearance. The first thing you may want to consider is using a good anti-cellulite cream containing methylxanthines. This chemical can break down stored fat under your skin and is most effective on people with mild forms of cellulite.

A poor diet can be a major contributor but losing a significant amount of fat may not get rid of it completely if and when you decide to try to lose weight. Some companies or so-called experts trying to sell you a magical diet program will claim there is a specific diet you can use to begin targeting your problem areas but this is not true. If you eat a healthy diet and limit excessive salt you may be able to improve your body drastically as it will not retain as much water as before.

An experimental but natural enzyme called “collagenasCellulite can be genetic but there are many other factors potentially involved.e” can also break down the collagen in your body and improve your appearance but the long-term effects of this substance are not yet known. The good news is scientists are continually researching this and many other methods to make the condition a thing of the past for those who want to treat it.

The bottom line is this; cellulite is a perfectly or imperfectly natural human condition (depending on how you look at it) and in many cultures is an accepted part of life. Genetics do play a role but it’s less of a factor than most people think. Finally, it does not have to be something permanent. You can research as much as you can and start choosing one of the several available treatments so you can figure out what works for you.