When most people think of saving money while shopping for groceries, they think of using coupons. I find using coupons to be quite a chore. It’s difficult for me to take time out to start cutting coupons for products I don’t even use or even joining some of those coupon cutting sites I hear so much about.

There are even websites you can join that actually let you buy coupons for products you normally use. The way it works is; you pick and choose, say 10 to 15 product coupons. When you buy them at the checkout you get a pretty substantial savings on these manufacturer coupons and you can use them virtually anywhere. In other words, for two dollars worth of coupons you end up saving roughly $6-$15. Using the sort of system can actually add up to quite a bit of savings throughout the year.

However, my favorite and only way to save money while shopping for groceries is probably the easiest method. I use weekly ads or weekly flyers as they’re sometimes called.

I use Publix weekly ads from their official website for a store near my home and I assemble a list containing the buy one get one free offers of my choosing. Then, I quickly skim through some of the other available offers and with within 10 minutes or so, I have assembled a list with the potential to save me approximately $30-$50 per trip for $150.00 worth of groceries.

I save an average of $100.00 a month with this method which if fine by me! That’s an extra $1,200.00 a year I can use for a trip or anything else I would like.