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I know many people would like to know once and for all, if you can really make a living and succeed on the Internet. It’s a valid question! Humans, by nature, are very skeptical. We are also very fickle at times and oftentimes very impatient.

We want results quickly and we do everything possible in a short amount of time to get our desired results. Therein lies the biggest problem when it comes to making money on the Internet. Hint: 99.9% of people who are successful in this field didn’t become that way overnight!

After the recession in late 2007, many people turned to the Internet to try their luck at making money on the Web. A lucky few have turned their path into success over the last few years but the majority failed miserably and eventually went back to their old 9-5.

What happened? How is it that we hear about so many people who struck gold by selecting a hosting plan, setting up their website, and watching the money roll in?

The answer is simple.

No matter what you’ve heard or how many promises weren’t kept by those so-called Internet moguls who sold unsuspecting people their get rich quick courses, the only ones who survive and even thrive on the Internet are those who:

  • don’t give up
  • are relentless in learning about how to make money on the Internet using FREE information
  • have a clear vision of which niche to choose and what type of products or services they will sell
  • treat their website endeavor as a real business

That’s it! The rest is all about gaining experience, learning from your mistakes, making adjustments, and getting better every day at what you do.

As an example, Pat Flynn of is one of the greatest success stories on the Internet. He lost his job a few years back and jumped in head first into the magical world of Internet marketing. He’s been able to succeed on the Internet as a result of extremely hard work and transparency in showing everyone proof of his earnings as he went along. He built a huge fan base that’s still with him today because he had the following vision:

Give people a reason to come back to my website by regularly producing epic content that benefits them, build a community of engaged followers, be available and offer as much help as possible so they can achieve their dreams, place products on my website using a soft sell approach so it doesn’t seem like I am trying to sell them something, and be honest about and show them my earnings as I go so they can see real-life examples of how to make money on the Internet!


What an amazing concept that many Internet marketers wouldn’t even think about doing! Pat Flynn regularly makes over $100,000.00 a month (yep, you heard right) because he’s a master at treating people right!

Most wannabe internet marketers focus only on what’s in itYou too, can make money online with plenty of effort and perseverance. for them and because they fail to offer any true value to their readers, they ultimately fail and bounce from one website idea to another. In the end, they become frustrated and quit altogether!

Now that you know it’s possible to succeed on the Internet, if you want to try your hand on it, I suggest you research “how-to” methods for at least a month so you can educate yourself instead of just diving in blindly. Start with Pat Flynn’s site and branch out from there. All the information you need to succeed is available for free; you simply have to look for it and put the pieces together.

What does it cost?

You need to get a web host such as Bluehost or Hostgator for less than $10.00 a month. The only other investment is your time! Now, you tell me if there is another legitimate business on this planet where you can invest $120.00 a year as a startup cost and potentially make thousands a year!