Every year, especially during the spring and summer months, folks let their guard down and forget to put on their SPF 50 when the sun is beaming down on them, causing 1st degree burns.

Last Sunday, my wife and 12 year old daughter overdid it a little bit while having a great old time in the sun and both suffered minor sunburns. My daughter’s wasn’t so bad because I constantly monitor her and apply SPF50 sunscreen on her every hour and I constantly remind her to give me a ‘heads up’ because I tend to forget at times. However, my wife suffered 1st degree burns to her back, neck, arms, and her lower legs. The following day the itch bug got a hold of her and she was dancing around the room like a ‘Dancing With the Stars’ contestant, only not as graceful or coordinated.

I had not experienced a sunburn in quite a long time and I couldn’t remember any sunburn treatment at home; boy, did my wife need something to relieve that itch! The complaining started Monday night and I found it hard to believe how it seemed unbearable to her.

I immediately scoured the Internet to find the best remedies for sunburn itch and came across many different suggestions and settled on one in particular after reading a few forum posts; peppermint oil at GNC Nutrition store.

The best remedy for sunburn itching I found was peppermint oil and Solarcaine aloe vera gel.

Itchy Sunburn Relief In a Bottle

Everyone writing about this home remedy was raving about it and as I dug further, I found I needed to make sure I got my wife some type of substance with healing properties and bought Solarcaine brand ‘Cool Aloe’ moisturizer.

It turns out we made a great choice! After three days, not only does¬† her sunburn appear to be healing nicely but the nasty itching goes away quickly with the peppermint oil. The sunburn itch relief lasts approximately 3 hours with every application so you’ll have to reapply fairly often. One drawback is that it has a strong smell and even though my wife doesn’t like it much, I find it refreshing. Maybe that’s because I sit a few feet away from her and I’m not getting the full effect like her! The good news is although it costs $12.00 for a small bottle, which is all you need, because the itching will only last a day or two before it starts to diminish.

So, there you have it; it worked for us magnificently so I have no doubt it will work for you. Cool aloe and peppermint oil does the trick! Bear in mind if you have serious burns (2nd or 3rd degree) you should seek medical help immediately because of the risk of infection.