Attention all Canadians looking for work; get ready for the annual Mcdonalds hiring day to be held on April 19 if you are looking for a position in fast food.

This has become a successful yearly event for Mickey Dee’s and has made a huge positive impact so far as job applicants are invited to attend the event and apply in person.

During this event, many applicants are actually interviewed right there on the spot by members of the restaurant management team after considering the different types of jobs available. This means you need to be prepared to ace the interview and you can do so by brushing up on your interviewing skills.

During the last two years when this event has been held, Mcdonalds applications have yielded approximately 10,000 new jobs and this year’s event hopes to reach more youngsters than ever who are in search of their first job. keep in mind that teenagers make up a huge part of the fast food workforce and high percentage of workers who are currently in management or corporate positions started out as entry level crew members. As an example, Joan Betts, the president and chief of Mcdonald’s in Canada, started out working behind the counter and fulfilling orders over over 40 years ago.

Betts wants to stress to youngsters how Mcdonalds holds annual hiring events to enploy thousands of new workers every year.there is a world of opportunity available if they keep their minds open and focus on the future, they very well may be able to rise up the ranks quickly and create a highly successful career path. She often shares her stories as a source of inspiration for college students.

The national unemployment rate is very high in Canada when it comes to young people aged 15-24. The last figure was at over 14 percent! The hiring event at Mcdonalds will , without a doubt, make an impact once the hiring is completed and people are settled into their new positions.

Something important to know is there are over 1,400 Mcdonalds restaurants in Canada with more than 80,000 Canadians employed within their golden arches.