I couldn’t stop shaking my head from side to side in disbelief when I heard about how Mcdonald’s is pushing employees to provide better customer service. It appears franchise owners are getting feedback from customers saying their service basically blows!

And this is something new? I think not. This is a classic case of  ‘it is what it is.’  You pay your employees 30 cents more than minimum wage, you don’t give them full benefits after two years of watching them bust their butt for you, and you expect them to smile all the time?

Why would any company want information like this to be leaked out, anyway? They are basically advertising to the world, “Don’t go to Mcdonald’s right now because the cashier is bound to bite your head off!” I’m sure Mcdonald’s shareholders are really happy about that!

Personally, I am inclined to believe Mcdonald’s is such a big corporation that they can verbally attack their employees and get away with it. Isn’t it coincidental how they say their workers need to be nicer to customers a few days after their workers went on strike in New York City?

The problem today is that high-paying jobs have diminished and these fast food jobs are no longer the types of jobs teenagers will take just to have a little more pocket change. The median age for fast food workers has jumped to 32 and just about two-thirds of its workers are female. This indicates there are many mothers who are expected to survive on a $16,000 a year salary working at Mcdonald’s while this rich company as well as many other fast food companies get richer.

Unfortunately, it’s just the way it is even thoMcdonalds workers are fed up with work conditions and low pay.ugh it doesn’t seem right. Fast food workers are generally considered unskilled laborers in the workforce and although some have college degrees, most do not. It’s too bad the fast food industry only sees it from this perspective. How many excellent fast food workers are out there making peanuts while providing amazing customer service for the past few years without ever getting the chance to move up the success ladder? I would venture to say they number in the thousands. Mcdonald’s and other companies can do a much better job with their pay scales for people who simply want to be crew members and excel at their jobs. There are 10 year crew veterans making less than $9.00 an hour; and you want them to smile?