You see it plastered all over the Internet; Miley Cyrus likes Molly and she sings about it convincingly in her smash single “We Can’t Stop.” Furthermore, Miley Cyrus likes weed and she wants everyone to know how it’s perfectly OK for your kids to smoke it! She’s made this well-known, turning in a complete about-face after she assured Ryan Seacrest during a 2010 interview that drugs were for losers.

Some are calling Cyrus the ultimate hypocrite and sell-out because, after all, how can someone say they despise drugs just two years earlier then turn around a freely boast about how she is doing drugs on a regular basis, especially a dangerous one already linked numerous deaths across the globe? It appears every week we hear a story about how three or four more teens have died from an overdose on Mollies at a party.

Then, while many parents struggle to help their children stay away from drugs, a pop icon like Miley Cyrus throws a huge monkey wrench full of dirt and grime that permanently stains children’s minds. In complete “sell-out” fashion just to be cool and sell more recordings without even caring about how she would negatively influence little girls who idolize how she dares to be different with her newfound bad girl image, Cyrus becomes the latest megastar to cop out by implying she did not ask to be such an influential person. She appears to carry herself as if to say, “It’s not my fault a few young people will die from overdosing on Mollies this year alone because they want to be just like me!”

To make matters worse, she appears to have accomplished what she set out to do at the future expense of human lives, no less. She has thrust herself into the controversial spotlight, selling more CDs and becoming even more famous in the process. This is evidence of how screwed up our morals and values have become.

To be fair, Miley Cyrus isn’t the only performing artist glamorizing drugs. Rihanna, Madonna and Kanye West are a few of the many other worldwide artists cashing in on the drug scene instead of making a more positive impact on human beings with regards to this subject. Whatever happened to artists and bands staying in the closet and remaining mum about their recreational drug use?

You hardly ever saw pop icons in the old dMany believe the Miley Cyrus drugs crusade will take a toll on her career in the end.ays publicly brag about how many lines of cocaine they could snort at a post performance party. They quietly respected other people by not advertising their misdeeds even though the phrase “sex, drugs, and rock and roll” was continually in our faces.  That phrase was merely a generalization, not a suggestion! These artists refused to be let others dictate how they wanted to celebrate their oftentimes temporarily successful professional careers but they didn’t openly encourage others to do drugs like them.

In the end, many successful artists have fallen apart and even died using essentially the same types of illicit drugs thousands of people are overdosing on each year. The difference is, at best, it was only suspected they were using these substances. They kept it under wraps. It’s a far cry from someone like Miley Cyrus standing up and declaring she likes to do drugs. This tells children of all ages, “What’s the big deal? You should try using them, too, or you are not as cool as I am!”

Three short years ago, my thirteen year old daughter thought the world of Miley Cyrus. My little girl bragged about how she had world-class talent. I agreed. She could sing and act, she had rightfully gained the adoration of millions of fans worldwide, and she had become a master as a comedy sitcom actor in her Disney show.

Many people will read this and try to defend Miley Cyrus by saying she’s a true artist exercising her freedom of expression. If you are one of these people, I want you to know I will not  resent you for your views. However, I will ask you, “How is it that you can’t see how badly she is hurting the very people who helped her achieve her fame and fortune?”

Talented? There is no question Miley is gifted. Sadly, Billy Ray Cyrus can’t be fully proud of the way his daughter has recently played out this phase in her life. She has gone from world-class talent to the world’s most irresponsible idiot to anyone with half a brain!

When today’s youths finally grow up, they will look back at their lives and the shake their heads in amazement at how stupid they were to let this once-precious-now-completely-confused-brat-with-a-superiority-complex encourage them to derail their lives. I just hope for them, the derailment ends up being only temporary.