October is the hottest month to find a temporary holiday job. Close to 60% of the companies hiring this time of the year expect to complete the process by the end of October. This is always a golden opportunity for anyone hoping to get in on the ground floor and secure their immediate and possibly long-term future. The United States seasonal job market hasn’t been this good since 2007, when the recession began. According to reputable sources such as Snagajob.com, hiring managers intend to hire more than 10% additional workers this season for temporary jobs compared to last year. The hourly pay will also increase to an average of $10.70 an hour, up from $10.60 an hour last year. Aside from cashier and retail clerk positions you can also expect to find a holiday job as a warehouse worker, truck driver, customer service rep, travel and leisure, and as an office clerk.

Temporary Jobs Can Be Perfect For You

You need to hurry, though; by the end of this month, up to 60 to 70% of the temporary jobs will be filled and many of them will be full-time. As you may already know, companies tend to hire excellent workers for the long term after the temporary season is over. Many successful employees in the retail business started out working during the holiday season as part-timers!

The following companies are aggressively hiring personnel right now and offer a great chance to get hired for a holiday job; Macy’s, Kohl’s, Meijer, Toys “R” Us, Target, and Walmart. Of course, thee are many more local places of business you should consider and your best bet to do this quickly is to use a job search website such as snagajob.com, job.com, or beyond.com. With these companies all you need to do is create a free profile and they will match your qualifications to available positions so that you may be able to quickly start the interview process.

The best way to apply to these companies is by using the old-school methods of visiting the places of business in person, introducing yourself, and letting the company dictate what your next move should be. Usually, they will tell you to fill out an application online from home and if you meet their criteria, they will call you back for an interview. Your chances of getting hired for a holiday jobwill rise dramatically if you indicate in your application that you will able able to work any shift. Remember to always follow up on your job application.